Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?

By Eyes Wide Open APCO seems to be really earning their million-ringgit PR contract. Najib’s speeches are taking on that warm and fuzzy glow. One might almost mistake him for the Malaysian version of Obama if one was not aware of the long list of controversies surrounding him. The Malaysian Insider reported a glowing speech … Continue reading

Utusan’s late, late news

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff Firstly, you need to read “Churches bombed – Where is Utusan?” for context. Then, look at the time-line(s) of the following screenshots showing how belatedly slow Utusan published their news articles on yesterday’s firebombing incidents in KL and PJ. It’s as if the Utusan editorial team were waiting for instructions from … Continue reading

Ridhuan Tee, how the Grinch stole Raya

There was a time when a certain bird of a different feather cajoled the Malay masses with a similar prose in upholding the concept of Ketuanan Melayu for the better part of four decades beginning with ‘The Malay Dilemma’.

Does Ridhuan Tee have similar ambitions with his recent writings?

Ridhuan Tee’s reverse take on racism

(This is an original article from Centre for Policy Initiatives, CPI) Written by Helen Ang Wednesday, 02 September 2009 17:41 Kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu! The above illustrates just how many times Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah … Continue reading

Utusan Melayu…or Ugutan Melayu?

This article appeared on Azly Rahman’s blog on August 5th, amidst the fierce attacks emanating from Utusan Malaysia. It is certainly a reasoned and reasonable response to Utusan’s slanted reporting. Dr Azly Rahman is a renowned academic currently based in the US. This Anak Malaysia’s very impressive profile is just too much to summarize, so … Continue reading

Responding to BN-inspired racism and prejudice

By Malaysian Heart While reading the comments which came in response to the post “Fail, Mr Home Minister, fail!” here at Hartal MSM, I came across one that I believe exemplifies the kind of racist and prejudiced thinking that BN is trying to inculcate amongst Malaysians. I reproduce my response to it here, but first … Continue reading

Propaganda – Jangan Jatuh Dalam Perangkapnya!

Oleh Eyes Wide Open Politik negara kita ni asyik porak peranda aje kebelakangan ini. Tiap kali buka suratkhabar, macam-macam yang ditulis. Tak henti-henti tuduhan yang dilemparkan oleh ahli-ahli politik kita. Rakyat pun celaru – yang mana benar, yang mana sekadar propaganda saja? Kalau betul, tak apa. Kalau sekadar propaganda saja, mampuslah kita semua – entah-entah … Continue reading

Perhimpunan mansuhkan ISA

Oleh Lim Hong Siang

Liputan yang diberikan kepada hujah pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat, pemimpin Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA ternyata lebih kecil, jika dibandingkan dengan pemimpin BN dan pihak polis. Tiada perbezaan yang ketara antara akhbar dalam perkara itu. Justeru itu, tumpuan kini beralih kepada analisa atau artikel kolum yang disiarkan di akhbar masing-masing.

Yasmin cannot but Kugan can, is it?

By Hartal MSM

When the feelings of Yasmin’s family were hurt by the revelation, there was an uproar from the advertising agencies (she was responsible for the Petronas commercials, and a long time with Leo Burnett), and from reporters and the socialites who were her friends.*

But when the feelings of Kugan Ananthan’s family were hurt by the things printed about him, these people (who raised a stink on Yasmin’s behalf by threatening to pull their ad money from the paper, and the senior editors who drafted a protest letter and led a signature drive, and the “disgusted” Marina Mahathir blog which called for a boycott of “that despicable rag” Kosmo!) were silent.

Did Kosmo! defame Yasmin Ahmad?

By Hartal MSM

While Marina flays Kosmo! – “is there no decency among the editors and reporters there?” – and the NST-associated folks talk about “ethical journalistic conduct” and “acting with humanity”, we hope that they will condescend to re-seat themselves at their personal computers and tap out the next letters on behalf of the other bereaved Malaysian families irreparably hurt by irresponsible journalism.

Hartal MSM will be glad to furnish the name list in alphabetical order, starting with A. Kugan.