‘Die, 6 million Israelis, all die!’

Berita Harian furthered a sinister Perkasa-ish agenda recently when it ran patently false front page stories that newly registered Malay voters were outnumbered by non-Malays 1:40. Was the government and the 3-in-1 shadow ‘Ministry of Truth’ referring to BH when it warned about action against media spreading lies? Somehow we don’t think so. But anyway … Continue reading

Voter registration form got Malay bumi quota, ah?

Sharifuddin A. Latiff Wahlauweh! Guess where Najib Razak was last night? Come on folks, cuba teka. In Sabah – one of the East Malaysian states where Umno Baru has proclaimed as its fixed deposit vote bank. For the third consecutive day, Berita Harian is pursuing its controversially slanted voter registration story. On Day 3, in … Continue reading