Here’s a cangkul, MCA

Go dig a hole and bury yourselves. The Chinese party’s paper Star today carried these reports, ‘MCA Youth: Punish those who make racist remarks’ and ‘Draw clear line on extremism’. The MCA Youth wing in its resolution passed at the party AGM wants the government to disassociate itself from organisations such as Perkasa. Yet Youth … Continue reading

Cannot eat in canteen/cannot screen documentary during Ramadan

Pix: Sue Blackwell The Bukit Selambau case: According to the Chinese papers, the school cafeteria was closed for the fasting month and non-Muslim students had nowhere to eat. So they sat for breakfast at the recreational tables in the common area. The Malay-Muslim principal saw red that the Chinese  students were eating and threw a … Continue reading

Perkasa on warpath, MCA shrugs

Perkasa has identified 15 adversaries to be put on its watch list. These are “15 orang tokoh politik yang dianggap memusuhi dasar perjuangannya” (15 politicians deemed to be enemies of the movement’s struggle). Donald Lim is one. Khairy Jamaluddin, with whom Ibrahim Ali recently had a spat with, is another. The rest on the list … Continue reading