al-Jazeera caught passing off old lamp as new!

Hat-tip: Info via (redefining the media) Compare Video A footage 3:11-3:26 with Video B footage 0:31-0:46. Video A was uploaded by the satellite TV station on Oct 4 while Video B was uploaded by al-Jazeera on May 5. Both segments indicated are identical. So how can footage shot 6 months ago become tagged ‘Latest … Continue reading

Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan

UPDATED: For more photos, see ‘Cuti-cuti Gaza‘. An article in the July, 2010 issue of Palestinian newspaper Al-Safeer aliqtisadi reported on a statistical report released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics regarding domestic and outbound tourism the previous year. The article said the bureau had conducted a specialized household survey with a sample of … Continue reading