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Listen to what a 15-year-old Anak Bangsa Malaysia has to say about racism in schools. You can read his short but striking article here.

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What does it mean to be a Malaysian? Politicians may dare each other to prove this and that, but what do the people of Malaysia think? Click here to read a 19-year-old’s stirring vision for Malaysia.


by Eyes Wide Open Much has been said by Malaysian politicians on both sides of the Great Divide, especially since the 2008 General Elections. Malaysia still seems to be stuck in the mud, hardly making any progress forward as an economy, a society, a nation. Much has been said by supporters of the politicians from … Continue reading

UMNO is winning the propaganda wars again

by Eyes Wide Open Well, well, well. It seems after having lost the information war during GE2008, UMNO has finally gotten its act together, perhaps thanks to the RM20 million contract givern to the APCO, the mega PR company. In the years running up to GE2008, the opposition parties and Malaysians sick of the ruling … Continue reading

BTN – Brainwashing The Nation (Part 1)

By Eyes Wide Open “There exists a causal relationship between a free press and democracy. Democratic institutions degenerate into dictatorship in the absence of an independent media.” Abstract from: The role of the independent media in Africa’s change to democracy Long-suffering African nations have long woken up to the fact that for real democracy to … Continue reading