Manipulating Anti-Semitic Sentiment

For some, a Jew is simply an evil tyrant – one of the many who have brought on countless suffering on innocent Palestinian children.

Alas, but the mainstream media is just not considerate enough to drop the bias and perhaps admit that Hamas terrorists provoked attacks or “peace activists” on some aid flotilla may have employed some violence in dealing with Israeli soldiers, resulting in return fire.

After all, sensationalism sells and billowing smoke from “yet another Israeli attack” or a profusely bleeding child hovering between life and death makes for righteous anger.

Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia

His Utusan column of May 16. Ridhuan Tee: Pecah, pecah, pecah…sampai bilakah kita akan terus berpecah. Perpecahan umat Melayu Islam sudah sampai ke akar umbi. Hartal MSM: Note his use of ‘kita’, ‘kita’, ‘kita’ thoughout his many articles – us. He is not ‘us’ with the race he was born into but ‘us’ with his … Continue reading