Behind every great fall is the media

By Reina

SOMETIME in June 1971, President Richard M. Nixon was looking at his daughter’s wedding photo published in the New York Times.

His eyes were drawn to the story beside the photo – this was the start of the end for Nixon.

The Pentagon Papers.

Then came a series of stories in the Washington Post which reported about an unassuming break-in at the Watergate office complex which turned out to be a Nixon administration scheme to wiretap conversations in the Democrat headquarters and the link to Nixon’s re-election campaign machinery.

The Watergate Scandal.

In 1974, Nixon finally resigned.

These incidences draw a remarkable likeness to what is happening in Malaysia presently.

Malaysia Today has leaked out several signed statements (eg: the IGP’s alleged link to the underworld which has not been addressed or rebutted by the police chief) and lately, high level official government documents (i.e. the classified Cabinet papers on the Port Klang Free Zone scandal which shows that the Cabinets of the Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib administrations were well aware of the PKFZ dealings).

There are more similarities:

1. The Pentagon Papers were the US military account of activities during the Vietnam War which showed that the Lyndon B. Johnson administration had plans to invade North Vietnam although Johnson kept assuring the public there was no such thing. But the Pentagon Papers that were leaked out to the press during the Nixon administration also embarrassed the Kennedy administration (clandestine policies regarding the French, Indochina and Southeast Asia).

In Malaysia, three administrations are said to be linked to the PKFZ scandal – the Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib administrations – and therefore likely to be implicated if the matter goes further.

2. The person who leaked out the documents (Pentagon Papers) was found guilty of theft, conspiracy and espionage. As for the Watergate Scandal, there was a hunt for Deep Throat, the secret source who leaked out information to Woodward and Bernstein of Washington Post.

The website which published the Cabinet papers on PKFZ, Malaysia-Today, is arguably linked to Raja Petra Kamarudin and he is being hotly pursued by the authorities. The hunt is also on for the ‘malaysian’ Deep Throat in this case. The Najib administration admits that the documents are bona fide.

3. NYT was ordered by Nixon not to print any more articles on the Pentagon Papers. NYT refused, and the government filed a suit against it. NYT had to stop publication for about two weeks at one point, but it finally won the case. By then, the Pentagon Papers were leaked out to other newspapers around the country, making it impossible for Nixon to file suits in every city where these papers were published.

In Malaysia, there were intermittent problems accessing Malaysia Today for a couple of days. Local netizens promptly set up mirror sites, gave out advice on proxy servers and provided OpenDNS configurations for the more technically inclined. As a result, the leaked PKFZ Cabinet documents have already gone around the world three times.

Do these similarities end here or will this mark the beginning of the end of the Najib administration?

13 Responses to “Behind every great fall is the media”
  1. duriandurian says:

    Not the same lah. In ISA, the public institutions are more independent from the government of the day. Here the public institutions all report to the ruling government. Even the media are not independent. And here in bolehland a large part of the citizens are still easily manipulated by the government using racial and religious instigations. I guess in a way we Malaysians are a bit more stupid.

  2. duriandurian says:

    Sorry I meant ” In USA, the public institutions….”

  3. Cliff Richard says:

    the beginning of the end of the Najib administration?”

    Boy, I can’t wait!

  4. tsunami unleashed says:

    IGP with the underwear. Najis with pkfuck………. what a joke.

  5. James Kim says:

    I bet my life nobody will resign over this issue. We are talking about Malaysia politician. They have skin thicker than a wall. Buat tak tau and sweep under carpet. Did anybody resign over ‘lingamgate’ despite a very thick ‘guilty’ report by Royal Commission?? The ‘datuk’ is still a ‘datuk’ and a lawyer too. The ‘tan sri’ is still a ‘tan sri’ and still filthy rich. The ‘tuns’ are still ‘tuns’ and one is still holding an important position in UMNO. i expect NFA (no further action) on this issue. Just like all before them.

  6. Ricardo Lane says:

    The government of the day is still very arrogant and powerful to cling on to the seat where they can rely on ISA to use it on the politicians and protesters.The truth of PKFZ fiasco has come to the open after having clung on for so many years.. with the knowledge of the cabinet. To get rid of corruption scandal,MACC is there to assist and to win any lawsuit, they use Judicial engagements and to stifle the intellectual minds. they use University Act. Of late, we are pleased to note that 1Malaysia will change to a softer approach and the rakyat is watching very closely to see the pattern of the change. We must progress as one without any racial sentiments to move forawrd.

  7. Paul Warren says:

    If it has become an issue it is ony because Najib forgot the old adage, “if it is not reported by any of the MSM, it never happened. Because he addressed it MSM refers to the crime of a leaked cabinet paper. If I only read the MSM I too would be seeing the crime that has happened is that of the leak. As with a large number of Malaysians I may not see or ask beyond whatss reported by MSM.

  8. Alibabamahathir says:

    It is time to dump Barisan Nasional.

    Barisan Nasional = Baisan Sampah sarap

  9. jungleboy says:

    Do the umno people have any shame? Just look at Hishamudin recent stupidity and did he feel ashame? Just carry on like nothing had happened and I bet there will more shit coming from his mouth in the very near future.

  10. Ilfikluz says:

    The MSM is actually the one helping BN to continue surviving. Period. So, let’s do something about this people.

  11. Ilfikluz says:

    In rocky bru’s he mentioned about NSTP going private. Can this be a start to get something like Watergate to happen? No?

  12. charleskiwi says:

    The PKFZ was UMNO way for the MCA
    Presidents to keep their mouths shout.
    Why only now someone (must be with the cabinet’s approval) has decided to sue Tiong or should I say his company after all these years ? The cabinet must realise by now they must loose Tiong’s support by now, hence the
    time it took. Just watch for the story to unfold this is just only the beginning. Some former P.Ms. and Ministers are shitting under their pants !

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