James Chin wrong about Dr Lim Chong Eu ‘jumping’

The following article is from the blog Ktemoc Konsiders and is an excellent piece of citizen vigilance in ensuring that the media reports its facts correctly. Here, Ktemoc takes the Malaysian Insider columnist James Chin to task for not getting all his facts right.


James Chin wrong about Dr Lim Chong Eu ‘jumping’

James Chin wrote an article in The Malaysian Insider titled “Please call me God” where he lambasted our politicians for claiming to be proponents of ‘democracy’. James sneered at these so-called champions of democracy whose understanding or meaning of democracy is that their followers must do what they want.

He wrote:

“Take for instance the word “democracy”. All politicians I know swears that they are for democracy and some even say they will defend it with their blood. Unfortunately in Malaysia, democracy does not mean “democracy” as most people think. In Malaysia, democracy means hypocrisy and double or even triple-talk.

The best example of this “democracy” at work is party elections. Every time there is a party election, the leader will say this is democracy at “work”.

Before you can even blink, they will also say the “party” has “decided” that “no contest for the top posts” is the best way for party elections. So definition number one: democracy means no elections for top posts.

Then, when a challenger emerges, its back to democracy at “work”. This means the leader will use all sorts of presidential power to ensure that there is no such thing as a fair fight. If the challenger has more than an even chance to win, then the challenger is immediately packed off to the disciplinary committee for one or more … ‘infringement’ of party rules or conduct.”

He went on to say:

“Malaysians politicians have a mentality that it’s a winner-take-all situation. The moment you lose, you are out, forever.

The good news of course is that since the public is so forgiving and have a short memory, you can move to another party without much difficulty. This appears to be the most popular route for MCA leaders. Lim Chong Eu was the president of MCA before he jumped and became the leader of Gerakan.

He then went on to name a few other politicians.

I have no quarrel with his article which I thought has been very correct. However, I disagree totally with his incorrect criticism of Dr Lim Chong Eu.

Lim did not ever ‘jump’.


Read the rest of Ktemoc’s article here.

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