100% of non-Muslim youths have had premarital sex, Utusan readers told

“… Dr M wrote ‘The Malay Dilemma’, which cemented his reputation as a Malay ultra; many of the book’s recommendations were later adopted by the New Economic Policy (NEP)”KLue magazine

Will Ridhuan Tee’s recommendations to the Islamic religious councils on relations with the dhimmi-kafir harbi similarly be adopted as policy?

The Utusan columnist wrote in his column yesterday that he daresay almost 100% of the girls and boys belonging to the ‘ultra kiasu’ race have engaged in free sex before marriage.

In his article, ‘Habis manis sepah dibuang’, Ridhuan Tee said the ‘ultra kiasu’ race “don’t care if anything is haram or not, what is more important to them is making money and becoming rich”.

Ridhuan said he believes commentators who left criticisms on his blog are not bothered if they do not marry virgins. [Note that he did not say ‘anak dara’ but used a crude imagery of punctured hole].

He said taking a sullied life partner gives them (the married men) an excuse to later keep tens of mistresses.

Unwed non-Muslim girls in Malaysia abort their babies, he avers. Well, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Ridhuan previously called Teoh Beng Hock’s baby “anak haram”.

He assured his readers that he knows the behaviour of the Chinese through and through after being born one, and that is why he is now in the special position to make all these revelations [in Utusan to enlighten the naive Malays about the enemy in their midst — “musang berbulu ayam”, or the ultra kiasu foxes].

Not only is this man executive facilitator in Jakim (Islamic Dept) for their ‘Pengukuhan Integriti Perkhidmatan Awam’ programme, he is also a committee member of the Islamic Consultative Council in the Prime Minister’s Department. Meaning, he is giving his input on policy making to the highest authorities.

He won the Maal Hijrah award (Convert) in 2003 and was recipient of Maal Hijrah awards in 2006 for the Federal Territory and 2007 Perak [is he chummy-chummy with the state mufti Tan Sri Harussani as well?].

He takes umbrage at being called ‘mualaf’ (‘saudara baru’ in Malay colloquialism) and declares that the arguments he employs in his Utusan column is not mere religious preaching but academic expertise as he is a PhD holder.

20 Responses to “100% of non-Muslim youths have had premarital sex, Utusan readers told”
  1. Jokersland says:

    All the proofs are in his hand that very little as holier-than-thou type like him are involve in fornication. Only peoples like him who has a Permanent Head Damage degree are allow to speak with sense. Dr. Ridhuan Talk Cork Tee Aldollar never test drive when he want to buy a new car. Wakaka. To glorify my Dollar.

  2. SEX PISTOL says:

    *** *** *** that is why he barks like a dog.

    Hartal MSM: Comment above edited.

  3. leekh says:

    I suppose some universities dishing out phds need not have their students undergo a proper course and training in research methodology before awarding them a degree.

  4. Foo Wy Len says:

    Salah ibu mengandungke Ridhuan?

  5. Hakka says:

    So? What if non-Muslim youths all had premarital sex? Is there a law in our land that state ALL couples before matrimony should be certified virgins?

    Nothing illegal about consensual pre-marital sex…. on the other hand, incest is illegal in all 4 corners of the world. Let’s hear En Ridhuan address this rampant issue on people of ‘certain faith…’

  6. sgrgovin says:

    How in heaven did this guy jumps to such conclusions. [ 100% of non muslim youths havepremarital sex]What are those discarded new-borns in the rubbish dumps, toilets, garbage, rivers and so many other places, as we read in the papers, where does all these births from ? alies??

  7. Peter Ooi says:

    He assured his readers that he knows the behaviour of the Chinese through and through after being born one, and that is why he is now in the special position to make all these revelations
    This means that Riduan Tee is one of the culprit. With his assumption, I believe he must have *** *** *** Thanks for sharing your experience Mr. Tee.
    Hartal MSM: Comment above edited.

  8. Ahmad Syafiq says:

    Can I have the exact link to Utusan’s story? I will debunk their story by just asking my non-Muslim housemates whether they have had pre-marital sex before. ;P
    Ahmad, you can read it here – shar101.

  9. Lynn says:

    What business is it of his if 100% of the ‘ultra kiasu’ race he is referring to has had pre-marital sex? Just mind your own businees, Abdullah Ridhuan and make sure your own children do not engage in pre-marital sex!!! For your information, my daughter is already in her 20s and is still a pure virgin, whereas at least 3 of my Malay workers were pregnant before they were married. One ex-Malay worker in her late thirties is having an open affair with a Malay man whilst her husband is having an affair with another Malay lady and this ex-worker’s mother apparently condones it as she gets to go cruising and shopping in her daughter’s lover’s car! To me, that is their business as what they are doing is between them and their God.

    • bennyloh says:

      Riduan Tee must have *** *** *** many times. I also know this type of chinese through and through
      Hartal MSM: Comment above edited.

  10. telur dua says:

    That’s it. After this latest tirade I can now safely declare him 100% mind f—-d.

  11. The Pharisees Hypocrite says:

    Do you know that those so called holy men in ancient Israel called Pharisees enjoyed pretending to be holy by citing holy verses,wearing holy robe but always condemned lesser human beings especially the poor,minority,and helpless. They have no mercy on the lesser beings.These hypocrites loved to mix with the powerful and rich.

  12. Iluvsex says:

    Probably he was found in the garbage bin. A discarded baby. named Tee bin Tong Sampah! That’s why his writing and his mind is filthy as a dustbin. Shame to muslims and Islam for having this cowardly convert.

  13. Pegasus says:

    In the kingdom of the blind, the one -eye king leads….holy man Ridhuan Tee is one. The malays have the most cases of incest, discarded new born babies…the whole country knows this…but this poor PHD…lacks this news…poor soul…he’s still finding his way after being convert…give him time to be fully coverted…


    Empty vessel makes the most noise
    Regardless of its actual acute poise
    Wrong sticking of head out like tortise
    Misleading conclusions require statistics to practise

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200710
    Tue. 20th July 2010.

  15. cslee says:

    Oh! My God, what are you talking about? You are saying that you have premarital sex too. Are you telling all of us that your dad told you about it too. How despicable you must be as a fellow human being to demean others.
    Why must you always target the non Malay or in this case the Chinese.
    Are you born a Malay or is it the Chinese people of a barbarian race that you keep harping on us about this and that. Don’t you find in every race there is good and bad. Please take a look at the moral decadence of the society and you will find which race is the majority such as drug abuse and prostitution and I don’t mean to run down.
    Please correct these ills or at least do something to these people who were mostly neglected.
    What exactly have you done for those who are neglected and the destitute with your religion or your religious organisation except trying to stoke racism and create racial sentiment among the ethnic people which we all bless with. Go search your heart and stop writing and do work for your political master and stop thinking that the people are fools.

    • Kumar says:

      How dare you Ridhuan Tee! Are you insinuating that my brothers and sisters had premarital sex. We were better brought up. We were taught to respect our chastity and the chastity of others. I still remember my father’s advice when I started dating. ” Always remember that she has a brother and a father just as your sister has you and I;.” The first and only girl I ever slept with was the one I married. You are despicable and vile in your assertions just to satisfy your masters. I urge all non muslims to report this piece of human garbage and the rag that carries him to the authorities. As for me personally I would like to meet you one day and answer your insult to my family.

      A public liar is the worst kind of liar. Even worse are the people who encourage him.

      A Malaysian

  16. hartalmsm says:

    Hi cslee,

    Perhaps we should have qualified our headline. Ridhuan had written, “Saya berani mengatakan bahawa dari kalangan anak muda dan anak gadis mereka, hampir 100 peratus daripada mereka telah melakukan seks bebas sebelum berkahwin secara sah.”

    So as an ex-Chinese, Ridhuan the paragon of virtue must been the 0.01 percent exception to the “almost 100%”.

  17. Horror says:

    Bagai kacang lupakan kulit this Ridhuan Tee is!

    What kind of da’wah is it focusing on picking on others and especially the Chinese?! Help your own saudara seiman 1st lah.

    Chinese don’t owe you gold and diamonds or even life, so this SOB should get a life, really.

  18. ray says:

    what an insult, this guy should get his facts right before he comment on anything.

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