Since when are Jews so stooopid?

“Jews are accused of many things, but seldom are they ever accused of stupidity.”

“So why do you think they would open fire on ‘unarmed peaceful civilians’ and risk major diplomatic hassle?”

Blogger Scott Thong asks the above question in his posting ‘The Real Story Behind Israel’s Attack on the ‘Unarmed Aid Convoy’.

Scott … err, some people, urm, think the peace activists were armed only with harmless toothpicks and sailed there to make peace. Hmm, strange ain’t it that Malaysia’s flotilla representatives were funded by our country’s biggest troublemaker — you know who (The Great One-lah).

Scott gave our series of Gaza postings two pingbacks. Checking out his take, we found that he has collated info most extensively and his write-up has everything and the kitchen sink, as well as 210 comments.

Though we think Hartal scooped Scott (at least locally) with today’s picture No.3 from Marvara Mavi, you can still hop over to Scott’s place and view his  flotilla FOTO album collection.

His blog is called ‘Buuuuurrrrning Hot’.

29 Responses to “Since when are Jews so stooopid?”
  1. SameSame says:

    No their are not stupid! As I had once commented in Malaysiakini…there’s something so fishy as to why they attacked the Mavi.

  2. cerberus says:

    Mathias Chang (the one who tried to commit suicide in Kajang Prison) Mahathir`s No.2 escaped and spoilt the fun after shouting around that he wouldn`t surrender.

    • Simon Thong says:

      That bit about Matthias Chang is interesting! Can you tell us more about him and his prison time; and his involvement with Mahathir. Thanks!

    • abc says:

      Ha Ha! a flotilla of “peaceful” “activists” sponsored by a malaysian anti-semite ahmadnedijad wannabe …and true to colour, spewed out venoms against the Jewish statein the aftermath. So, it’s not surprising at all.

  3. I am vastly disappointed that Malaysia is part of this.

    • Simon Thong says:

      Why should we be surprised that Malaysia and Mahathir want to be involved in world affairs? Ever since we had Mahathir as PM way back then, it has been this way. Can’t solve our problems but bigheaded enough to think we could solve the world’s.

      • abc says:

        Ha Ha! a flotilla of “peaceful” “activists” sponsored by a malaysian anti-semite ahmadnedijad wannabe …and true to colour, spewed out venoms against the Jewish statein the aftermath. So, it’s not surprising at all.

  4. M_nyanyok says:

    After May13, Mahathir is going international…….all he did with code pink is to get 9 people killed:

    The israeli security cabinet, which met Thursday for the second time in two days to discuss relaxing the restrictions on Gaza, issued a statement saying it agreed to “liberalize the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza; expand the inflow of materials for civilian projects that are under international supervision; [and] continue existing security procedures to prevent the inflow of weapons and war materiel.”

    Barak said the naval blockade would remain in place to ensure that missiles, rockets and other arms are not brought there, and that all ships that wanted to bring goods into Gaza would have to do so via the Ashdod Port, where they could be checked by Israel, as is the case for ships bringing goods destined for Ramallah.

    Now maybe is good time for UN to investigate May13 as they are investigating Kenya, Gaza etc. Then we will know how much the mamak can remember.

  5. Nizam says:

    The Isrealies are not stupid.

    They are ‘clever’ because during the Gaza War, on the pretext of self defense, managed to mass murder more than 1000 civilians while wounding more than 5,000. And they managed to destroy over 4,000 homes in Gaza.

    If genocide is ‘smart’ then I prefer to be stupid.


    HARTAL MSM: This comment automatically landed in the Spam queue & languished there due to Nizam not giving a proper e-mail address. Although belated, we’re releasing it now as it’s his point of view that deserves airing.

  6. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza) says:

    Since Biblical times, as written in the bible, the Jews are the ones, building civilization through their superb craftsman skills and high intelligence, although tragically used as slaves whether by the Pharaohs, or in Babylonia or by the Arabs (see Genesis and Exodus in the Old Testament) . And they are the ones building the great Western civilization of Europe, side by side with the Greeks in beginning of modern Europe, including writing the first Bible.They contributed greatly to textile manufacturing and dying as well as silk processing. They are also distinguished in the arts, the sciences and in commercial activities.

    • NP says:

      Hi Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza),

      And the Bible also tells us that the Jews were ever ready to be true to their evil and manipulating nature, e.g. handing Jesus over to be crucified and even when there was the opportunity to save Jesus, opting to save a brigand/terrorist called Barnabas instead.

      Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice? LOL! You’re right! A “great” race indeed!

      • abc says:

        NP, like any other people, the Jews were a part of the fallen human race, did nt recognize Jesus as their Messiah. But what you quoted Shakespeare as having said is still true, they a a great race indeed! Great observation.

  7. NP says:

    LOL. ABC, you make me laugh – a good laugh indeed. Is the level of English amongst Malaysians that bad?

    EWO, I think Hartal readers need English lessons la – LOL. Seriously dude, what a laugh!

  8. NP says:


    That’s just it! Things are being misunderstood. – and misunerstood badly (though it can be funny at times).

    I thought RPK was being picky or maybe being funny (when he pointed this out in some of his articles), but I now see his point. People misunderstand what you write, form their own (and wrong!) understanding of what you wrote… and then… you have strife and stress – simply due to misunderstanding.

    P.S. EWO/Shar, no comments on how I’m “spending hours on your page like a cyber-trooper”? 😀

    • mdnor says:

      NP, nobody is perfect, there are many Malaysians who still cant speak the English language well, and even RPK doesnt always write in proper English…. but only a small-minded person like you will make fun of others. You couldnt even spell correctly the word “misunderstood” the second time! Get a life!

      • NP says:

        LOL. Mohd. Nor, thanks for the good laugh to start the day! Here we have another one to epitomise what I’ve been saying.

        Again, the gist is….
        Try to understand what one means (based on what one writes) before making random comments – comments based on “what you think one wrote”.

        If unsure, ask. Don’t make up your own conclusions or put words in someone else’s mouth! In other words, don’t be “bodoh sombong” – LOL. 🙂

        Make fun? No la. I’m laughing “with you”. As opposed to “at you”. But in your case, it’s “at you” 😛

        NP aka Jed Yong aka cybertrooper aka DAP wannabe

        P.S. Oh yeah, and according to Katharina Sri above, aka terrorist supporter 🙂

  9. Simon Thong says:

    Nobody’s perfect, mdnor, so you’re right; but that doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to be careless in our use of English. There’s a difference between mispelling a word, and mistyping it. NP obviously mistyped it. How do I know? That’s because the word was spelt correctly the first time. I confess that I understand NP far better than what is written by many others. If you must write in English, please be clear and correct. If others laugh at you, it’s only you yourself who is to blame.

    • mdnor says:

      Well, only small-minded people laugh at others.

      • Simon Thong says:

        Not true. Small-minded people laugh at others. Broad-minded people laugh at others. Kids laugh at others. Old people laugh at others. Everyone laughs at others at some time. They also laugh at themselves.

        Incidentally, I have a newspaper delivered to my home every day…it’s better than reading the news on the PC or laptop. Much more relaxing: nescafe on low table, legs on same low table, music on (Astro 862, classical), newspaper in hand…walao, that’s the (bourgeoisie) life! I’ll always buy a newspaper, contrary to HARTA’s stand (Stop buying newspapers on Tuesday…)

  10. NP says:

    Simon you are hypocrite christian la… lol!!

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