Most shocking photo of bloodied Israeli commando yet!

Updated (July 28): In an interview with CBC, the Canadian activist Kevin  says he “didn’t see any wounds” and that the soldiers were released “unharmed as far as I understand”. However in a separate and earlier video-taping on board the Mavi Marmara, Neish addresses the camera below decks during the hostilities, and says very clearly that he saw “two soldiers hauled down here bleeding and wounded”. Read story here. ___________________________________________________________

Above is another one of the photos from the Mavi Marvara Marmara raid. The man bleeding in the face is an Israeli commando.

The memory card storing the set of digital photos was hidden in the photographer’s underwear to smuggle it past the Israeli authorities.

German publication Der Spiegal has reproduced this third photo along with the other two (whose claim to fame is their insidious cropping by Reuters) with a comment that “Surprisingly, it was Turkish newspaper Hürriyet that published the most spectacular photos.”

There are more twists to the controversy. It seems pro-government newspapers in Turkey (i.e. those backing Prime Minister Erdogan) are accusing Hürriyet’s publisher “of playing into Israel’s hands” by allowing the photos of the shot, knifed and walloped Israeli commandos to see print.

How the photos were shipped out (forgive the pun) is another story in itself. “I hid the card everywhere while the soldiers were questioning us,” the photographer Kevin Neish said. “I had it in my mouth, once in my shoes, and once in my underpants.”

Neish is Canadian and was a ‘peace activist’ on board Mavi Marvara Marmara.

The average Malaysian reading Sniveling Star and Utusan would be utterly surprised to learn that instead of readily publicizing the photos which would have proved that their commandos were attacked, the Israeli army command initially tried to prevent the video footage being seen.

Why? The reason they did so was because they feared that the morale of their troops would be affected. After all, the world has become accustomed to imagery of the Israelis always being on top of the game.

One reaction from the horrified Israeli public back home was that their boys were being lowered by rope “like guppies into a pond of sharks”.

Der Spiegal reported that “It took more than 12 hours for black-and-white sequences from the beatings [that the Israeli army filmed] to be made public”. By now, that footage is already all over YouTube, showing the so-called ‘peace activists’ beating the Israeli soldiers with sawn-off iron pipes.

Meanwhile, the Israeli public was angry at the army command for putting the soldiers into “that nightmarish situation”.

On the other hand, the Israeli generals were embarrassed that their much vaunted special operation squads with the mighty reputation were imperiled and yes, trounced.

By the time that the Israelis finally released the video showing the humiliation of its soldiers during the botched exercise, “the version of the pro-Gaza activists was already dominating the news”.

Here you see it, there you don’t

On how Reuters decided to ‘disarm’ the ‘peace activists’ by cropping out the knives and blood stains from two photos that it distributed to its clients worldwide, see our previous postings:

  • Did Reuters crop Gaza flotilla photos to hide activists’ weapons?

  • Reuters admit making Israel look bad / ‘Star’ snivels some more

But it is the sneakiness of Reuters that takes the cake. This is the page from the Reuters website with the story headlined ‘Photos from Turkish aid ship show blood and chaos’.

The photographs that show blood are still missing (MIA)! And Reuters hasn’t put the knives back either (NFA).

15 Responses to “Most shocking photo of bloodied Israeli commando yet!”
  1. charleskiwi says:

    Now what has shenanigan Mahathir , his son, his family and all the pro Palestine people got to say ?
    Why don’t the shenanigan Mahathir or his family be on the next mission or better still become suicide bombers
    and blow the Israeli to thy kingdom come. At least this way he or his family will be remembered and loved for a long long time instead of talking shit all the time. Remember shit is to come out from the other end and not from his mouth. Are the shenanigan Mahathir and members of his family examples of what Muslims are ?
    Any wonder why so few non Muslims became Muslims, they rather accept other religions even though they are still
    foreign to the non Muslims ? Also please remember Islam is also foreign to the Malays too.

    • Penan anak Sarawak says:

      That is why I never believe the MSM version of story when they first broke the news to malaysian. In the videos footage one could clearly see the clubbing of Israeli commandos by Perdana Global Peace sponsored terrorists even while the commandos were still descending the rope from the helicopter. I have seen many lies by the media on Israeli and Palestinian conflict but on close scrutiny of the video or pictures accompanying their stories, the thruth were revealed. These terrorist will always be welcomed home as heroes but they cannot fool the more informed malaysian. Their mission were not peace in nature because they have a hatred towards Jews that can be traced back as far as to Adam.

  2. anak_perelih says:

    what the Israeli did was the same thing the Somali Pirates are doing… pirating.. it’s in the international waters… the israeli shouldn’t be there in the first place.. they should wait till the ship enters the Israeli waters or Gaza’s waters…

    • Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

      anak_perelih, how nonsensical! Pirates are common thieves and murderers! The Israeli army and state have a right to defend themselves from Muslim terrorists and fanatics, as we can see from the evidence here – especially when these Nazi-supporting Arabic/Turkish Muslim terrorists and fanatics have express clearly their intention to wipe out the Jews and Israel amidst their violent ancient-originated racist hatred, in another Holocaust! Why don’t you criticize the Hamas terrorists who are bombing innocent people in Israel? Does your God justify all these? Further, imagine if Muslim terrorists in Mindanao want to ‘assist’ many of their fellow relatives (through international waters in Borneo Sea), where many are even illegally occupying Sabah there – the Malaysian Govt and Army should just sit back and do nothing?! Here read this – intelligently! At –

      Israeli Navy taunted about Holocaust, 9/11 before 9 pro-Palestinian activists killed: audio

      BY Larry Mcshane
      Sunday, June 6th 2010, 4:00 AM

  3. Jan says:

    Do pirates give warnings in advance before they attacked a ship?

  4. Southpaw says:

    When a country imposes a naval sea blockade, the country does have the right to board any ships which they consider are posing a threat to the blockade even in the international waters; what more when the so called peace voyage had been published about their attempt to breach the blockage.

    • Fred Smithers says:

      Southpaw, I hereby impose a blockade on the compounds of your home. I now have the right to board your vehicles whenever I like because you vehicles are a threat to the blockade.

      • hartalmsm says:

        Fred Smithers, how about if your neighbour fires lobs coconuts and durians into your compound? Too bad lah if you happen to be outside doing your gardening and one of them fruits lands on your head.

  5. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    Brilliant article! These Nazi-supporting Arabic-Muslim/Turkish terrorists should be indicted by the UN (but we know that Arabic-Muslim dominated and hypocritical UN won’t!)-for hijacking “peace”! That’s why progressive Muslims must distanced themselves from supporting the terrorist intention of violent Arabic/Turkish/Iranians/Pakistanis Muslim fanatics and terrorists, and reclaim God and revive true justice (God doesn’t belong to the Arabs, Pakistanis, Iranians or Turkish)- who are full of primitive and savage racist hatred for the Jews! After all, many in the Arab world had supported Hitler and the Holocaust! Progressive and just Muslims should educate themselves away from Univ. Al-Azhar infiltrated Muslim Brotherhood primitive and violent ideological brainwashing by opening again their narrow minds – In: The Wall Street Journal Europe – at: (available at Google Search Engine)

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2009, 5:07 P.M. ET

    The Mufti of Berlin

    Arab-Nazi collaboration is a taboo topic in the West.


  6. Devil says:

    One No. 1 man of Malaysia slept with this pretty sweet young thing. Donno why his fat wife condoned it, probably there’s amutual trade off agreement. After doing the deed, the pretty SYT saw some evil sight IN the No 1 man. Now the pretty SYT sudah gila. If the story is true, this No. 1 man has so much evil in him that the Devil follows him everywhere to assist him.

    Only the collective goodness of all Malaysians can save Malaysia. Unfortunately there are not many right thinking and good Malaysians.

  7. NP says:

    Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza),
    Why don’t you criticise the Israelis who are invading and occupying foreign land? Or is it OK for the Israelis to systematically eradicate the Palestinians?

    You mean it’s Ok to impoe a blockade in waters that aren’t even yours in the first place? LOL


    If the truth can’t be told
    Then truth is kept on hold
    Till it’s time for the bold
    To lift it out from the cold

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280710
    Wed. 28th July 2010.

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