What a Bummer!

by Eyes Wide Open The Blogger event of the year – BUM2010 – was a highly anticipated affair this year. Featuring several potentially explosive topics (like the “kalimah Allah” issue) and panel speakers have taken controversial stands and who are at loggerheads with their fellow panelists, we were expecting sparks to fly. But…the whole event … Continue reading

‘Star’ bosses have a soft spot for models

We got this bit of trivia from Malaysiakini’s report on The Star annual general meeting of May 24 — “There was then laughter among about 200 shareholders when they were told that a popular model had four stories on her including pictures in one day. According to the shareholder, he cited a staff member telling … Continue reading

Dim future for Umno-fearing ‘Star’

By Reina The Star was once described as “the paper that is owned by the MCA run by the MIC for the DAP” – meaning the MCA owned the paper but Indians (actually none of them were MIC members) with a slight leaning towards the opposition, ran it. That was 30 years ago. This was … Continue reading

Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia

His Utusan column of May 16. Ridhuan Tee: Pecah, pecah, pecah…sampai bilakah kita akan terus berpecah. Perpecahan umat Melayu Islam sudah sampai ke akar umbi. Hartal MSM: Note his use of ‘kita’, ‘kita’, ‘kita’ thoughout his many articles – us. He is not ‘us’ with the race he was born into but ‘us’ with his … Continue reading

HMSM BREAKING NEWS – Seismic changes at The Star

By Reina The Edge’s editor-in-chief Ho Kay Tat signed the contract on Thursday night making him the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Star Publications that publishes the leading English daily The Star. Ho’s appointment has taken many by surprise but a change in the leadership of Star Publications was to be expected as … Continue reading

Ho Kay Tat to head the Star as COO/MD

Details will be forthcoming from H-MSM intrepid snoopers.

BUM2010 – Sparks May Fly!!

By Eyes Wide Open This year’s B.U.M. event is shaping up to be even more interesting than previous years. Last year saw panel larger-than-life speakers such as the inimitable Dr M making a show. This year, we have a number of controversial speakers weighing in their opinions on the state of media in the country. … Continue reading

1Cop arrested for Aminul’s murder and no more?

by Eyes Wide open Today’s papers front paged the arrest of a lowly corporal, Jenain Subi, for the killing of young Aminulrasyid. He is being charged for “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. But in an NST Online article entitled “Witness breaks silence: Cops kept shooting as Aminul lay dead.” dated 04 May 2010, it … Continue reading

MCA shoots itself in foot over Aminulrasyid

By Hartal MSM MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker accuses Malaysian Insider of ‘discrepancies’, ‘slant’ and ‘distortion’. The blog posting wherein the Chinese party’s NGO liaison bureau chief makes his accusation is here. You can check out whether you think Ti’s accusations have any validity. The Insider report is based on Ti’s press statement … Continue reading

CIJ making loud demands, and then what?

By Hartal MSM The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and Wami just drafted an online petition — which among other things — demanded by the end of the month for: 1. An explanation by NTV7 and TV2 on the latest incidents of alleged censorship. 2. An unequivocal assurance from the Prime Minister that no one … Continue reading