Anti-terrorists: Israel cannot tapi M’sia Boleh?

The Rachels that Malaysians never heard of:

  • Rachel Thaler, aged 16, blown up at a pizzeria in an Israeli shopping mall following a Hamas suicide bomb attack on a crowd of teenagers
  • Rachel Ben Abu, 16 – blown up outside the entrance of a Netanya shopping mall
  • Rachel Levy, 17 – blown up in a grocery store
  • Rachel Levi, 19 – shot while waiting for the bus
  • Rachel Charhi – blown up while sitting in a Tel Aviv cafe, leaving three young children
  • Rachel Gavish – killed with her husband, son and father while at home celebrating a Passover meal
  • Rachel Shabo – murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 16 while at home
  • Rachel Kol, 53 – who worked at a Jerusalem hospital and was killed with her husband in a Palestinian terrorist attack in July a few days after the London bombs
  • And many more …

Malaysian media eulogize the Rachel Corrie after whom the flotilla ship (sponsored by Mahathir’s PGPO) is named but keep you in the dark about anything that will blemish the spotless Palestinians.

Yesterday, the Sniveling Star and the Not Straight Times (NST) had these front page main headlines respectively: ‘JI crackdown’ and ‘A network of terror’.

Sniveling Star’s story was about ‘Cops closing in on terror groups; Abu Bakar’s arrest imminent’. NST’s said “Al-Qaeda group was also active in mosques and NGOs’.

NST also had this headline ‘Terror plot foiled’ as main front page story on Thursday, alleging ‘Foreigners wanted to attack 2 places of worship’.

Malaysia used ISA to nab the foreigners of whom two are Nigerians, two four Syrians, two Yemenis and a Jordanian. The upshot is we catch Middle-Easterners on suspicion of terrorism, and MSM like Sniveling Star go rah-rah-rah.

Israel lies smack in the Middle East. She too is worried about the sort of terrorist activities that newspapers here are splashing on the front pages (though no bombing has happened here yet).

If Malaysia is presently accusing this group of Syrians, Yemenis and Jordanian as being terrorists, Israel has similarly alleged that terrorists were embedded among the Marvara Mavi activists in the convoy supported by the Turkish Insani Yardhim Vakfi organization.

So how come the Sniveling Star and NST – who are now shrieking like banshees after a dose of belacan – did not give the time of day to Israel’s similar claim of “terrorist links” to the Gaza flotilla?

After all, they have had terrorist bombings in the heart of their capital Tel Aviv.

All we’ve had in the heart of the Malaysian capital is the FRU terrorizing “peace activists” who wanted free and fair elections, and other democratic reforms.

Therefore isn’t Israel’s wariness of ‘terrorist links’ comparatively more well-founded? If NST can scream ‘Terror plot foiled’, is Israel to pretend like the three monkeys “See no terror, Hear no terror, Speak nothing about terrorists”?

The double standards in Malaysian MSM coverage of Israel over the flotilla (forgive the pun) speaks volumes. HYPOCRITES!

12 Responses to “Anti-terrorists: Israel cannot tapi M’sia Boleh?”
  1. Prem Das says:

    A Palestinian General on a phone-in radio show over BBC World Service, was talking about the unacceptable casualties the Israelis were inflicting upon the Palestinian children on the front line.
    His diatribe was brought to an embarrassing end when a sixteen year old girl on the phone from England caught him off guard by asking ” what the children were doing on the front line’.

  2. leekh says:

    Everyone should steer clear of this never ending war between “brothers”. By putting outrageous claims into the mouths of god they have brought terror, fear and never ending war between people who have nothing to do with this fighting between uncivilized tribes. Malaysians and others should leave these people alone. Why dont we help the thousands of refugees back home? Why this contorted justification to throw oil on a burning fire?

  3. NP says:

    I am disgusted that Hartal is using this to bash the MSM! To score cheap points!

    The gist is… any act of violence needs to be condemned. Remember, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. No one has the right to occupy his neighbour’s land – and by force at that!

    In this instance, governments are at fault. The Israeli government is wrong, etc. As is the Malaysian government in a number of domestic matters. If Hartal MSM cannot see or accept this, I regurgitate:


    • Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

      NP, so you consider the evil Arabic/Iranian terrorists bombing and beheading thousands of innocent people in Sept 11, in Bali, in Israel as shown here and elsewhere, causing terror and fear, using God and Islam, as freedom fighters?! Is that what your religion and God is about?! Think – like a civilized being!

      • NP says:

        You epitomise RPK’s words – English language deficiency leading to misunderstanding.

        And to annoy you, no better than than the many killed during the Crusades. Or more recently, the “wars” in Iraq/Afghan 🙂

    • NP says:


  4. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    I remember, as a young child growing up, taught by my Islamic religious teachers that the Jews are the worst evil, but we should hate Christians too. This is why, all the murdered innocent Jews by Muslims are considered as if normal in Arabic-brainwashed Muslim mentality. We were even taught to spit at the “devils” everytime we passed by the churches! And then, the Muslim Brotherhood started to indoctrinate Malaysian and global religious teachers educated in Al-Azhar, and that’s when the primitive Arab-veiling of women began to take root enmasse at schools amongst the used-to-be modern Malaysian Muslim women/girls – remember P. Ramlee movies, where Malay women/girls are free to express their sexuality and beauty?!. I never faced sexual harassement wearing skirts, tight kebayas or short dresses as a young woman, but since the 90s and worst, today, some of the Muslim men are behaving like perverted sex-maniacs – especially from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia! Non-Arabic/Pakistan/Iranian Muslims, such as used-to-be progressive and modern Malaysian Muslims must have their own scholars, to reclaim God and revive justice from the still highly sexist, primitive and violent Arabic culture. Non-Arabic scholars, must learn and teach about real justice and peace, based on God’s Truths, in respecting women/girls and non-Muslims as having equal rights in God’s eyes, including the long oppressed Jews.

  5. Rollie Kenmore says:

    Boycott All Malaysian Goods…

    Malaysia is a racist nation…

    Boycott that country…

  6. Rollie Kenmore says:

    It is comforting to hear that a cleric would tell children that Jews and Christians are evil…and devils…

    I say…Boycott all things Malaysian…

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