Catch & Release – PDRM style

by Sharifuddin A Latiff PDRM’s fishing expeditions were rather creative lately. A recent example was when Zunar was taken for an unsolicited ‘Le Tour de Brickfields/Puchong/Serdang/KLIA Sepang‘. The latest refers to the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre personnel getting ‘detained’ for distributing the Red Book. TMI carried the story. Excerpts: Four legal aid volunteers trying … Continue reading

How to read partisan blogs 1: Shamsul Yunos and his “anger” towards lawyers

By Malaysian Heart Definition of partisan adj.– From The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition: devoted to or biased in support of a party, group, or cause From the Collins Essential English Dictionary, 2nd Edition 2006: prejudiced or one-sided Of late, I have been writing quite a bit (most recently here) about … Continue reading

Rohaizat: victim, villain or hero?

by Eyes Wide Open Permatang Pasir was touted as UMNO’s comeback to prove that it is regaining its popularity. However that plan hit a snag when it news started leaking out that UMNO candidate Rohaizat Othman had been disbarred for failing to return a sizeable deposit to his clients. The various news reports since have … Continue reading