It’s not the candidate, stupid!

by Reina The mainstream English media’s singing the same song, namely from The Star and the New Straits Times. And the song is called “It’s the candidate, stupid!”. Was there ever a chance that the electorate might have believed that Rohaizat Othman, whose details of disbarment from the Malaysian Bar and claims that he had … Continue reading

Spinning the news for Permatang Pasir: how to read partisan blogs (and news) 2

By Malaysian Heart Spin is defined as interpreting an event in a particular way so as to manipulate public opinion for or against a certain organization or public figure. It is a form of propaganda, albeit a subtle one; while some propaganda uses outright lies, spin uses half truths and concealment. The techniques of spin … Continue reading

Rohaizat: victim, villain or hero?

by Eyes Wide Open Permatang Pasir was touted as UMNO’s comeback to prove that it is regaining its popularity. However that plan hit a snag when it news started leaking out that UMNO candidate Rohaizat Othman had been disbarred for failing to return a sizeable deposit to his clients. The various news reports since have … Continue reading