Trust the MSM, says Najib?

by Eyes Wide Open HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!! Sorry for the outburst, but I really couldn’t contain myself. But seriously, Najib’s latest comments about the MSM should be given the respect it deserves. So here’s my 2 sens on what he said. “If we read the mainstream media, intuitively we regard it as an authoritative report where its … Continue reading

“Don’t tell my mother I work in the Malaysian MSM, she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse…”

by Eyes Wide Open

I can’t help but recall the title of a book written by Jacques Seguela (founder of the global advertising juggernaut Euro RSCG) – “Don’t tell my mother I work in an advertising agency, she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse…”

But when I substitute the words “advertising agency” with “Malaysian media”, it seems so much less like an outlandish joke and so much more like reality…

The country can’t be built on APCO speeches!

As I read the following article, I felt my breakfast pick itself up from my stomach and slowly begin its journey up my esophagus. Even the previous night’s delicacies couldn’t help but begin its migration from my intestines. I’d like to offer a punch-by-punch rebuttal on this blatant lie perpetuated by the Malaysian MSM. If … Continue reading

Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?

By Eyes Wide Open APCO seems to be really earning their million-ringgit PR contract. Najib’s speeches are taking on that warm and fuzzy glow. One might almost mistake him for the Malaysian version of Obama if one was not aware of the long list of controversies surrounding him. The Malaysian Insider reported a glowing speech … Continue reading

Churches bombed – Where is Utusan?

By Eyes Wide Open It’s finally happened. After all the innuendoes and not-so-subtle threats about terrible retaliation to supposed attacks on Malays by non-Malays, something finally happened. At least 3 churches were attacked, and one of them was completely gutted by fire. Besides the online media, the Chinese MSM were the fastest with the story … Continue reading

Propaganda – similarities between the Nazis & BN

by Eyes Wide Open While doing research on media manipulation and propaganda techniques used by governments to maintain their grip on power, I came across an interesting website by the The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a trasure trove of information about the Nazi atrocities, and they had several articles about how the … Continue reading

Mr IGP, give peace a chance

It is evident that the path towards sustainable harmonious co-existence having the all-important humanity element is clearly understood by the director-general of the NUID. And he appears determined to put in place ‘pre-conflict’ checks and balances whereby society has a decent shot at coping with adverse conditions.

Failure at the outset will precipitate a rise in poverty related criminal acts which will require the police force to step in.

Perhaps, if the IGP is ill-equipped to fight crime, he should give a chance for Peace to prevail.

Media supports govt rape of citizens!

Spinning a story is one thing. Publishing pure unadulterated lies is quite another. This is a blatant case of government corruption and oppression of Malaysian citizens! Has the MSM no conscience at all, supporting the rape and plunder of helpless Malaysians?

Prince vs Prince – what will the Royal Malaysian Police do now?

The Negeri Sembilan royal house is claiming that one of their members was abused and threatened with a gun by a member of the Johor royal house – and that the police are not doing anything about it.

One would wonder how the police would conduct their interrogations on the Johor royal being accused. But then, it would be unbecoming for the police to sit by and do nothing since the Negeri Sembilan royal family has gone public with the case with photographic evidence.

1Malaysia, 1Media?

If such a merger were to happen, almost all of the major press and electronic media would come under direct government control, except for a few small players. This will give the party who controls the NSTP unprecedented control over the information flow in the country. Which in turn would mean that the majority of the nation’s opinion could be shaped without much interference or deviation from the official line.