Galas: MCA senator Heng needs ‘new’ glasses

I was on my way out. It was raining. When it was too crowded there was some pushing, but without intention. So nobody has actually fell down (sic) to the ground” – MCA’s Datuk Heng Seai Kie

Read full TMI report (here)

But the photos (below) tell a different story.

[Click on images to enlarge]

8 Responses to “Galas: MCA senator Heng needs ‘new’ glasses”
  1. wahaha says:

    lying beach

  2. TOKZ says:

    TBH family members are rather NAIVE. They still HAVEN’T wake-up to the fact they are actually being USED & MANIPULATED by DAP. Does TBH family really think DAP is OUT to sincerely FIGHT JUSTICE for the late TBH??? Come ‘on!!! Wake-up lah!!! DAP is just using TBH family members to garner cheap POPULARITY. After all, who doesn’t know DAP is FAMOUS for seeking popularity, right??? DAP will always be at scene come any incidents of which would capture attention (this include if a dog/cat/goat/cow getting killed by a moving vehicle, freak accidents, peeping tom getting caught, etc)

    TBH family shouldn’t be in GALAS in the 1st place. I’m CURIOUS to know what had DAP did to BRAIN WASH TBH family members to make the trip to GALAS???? Look what happened now??? TBH family members ends up as the LOSER & SCAPEGOAT, while, DAP took all the CREDIT.

    Can someone tell TBH family members to DIS-ASSOCIATE themselves from the DAP from now on??? DAP is slowly but surely KILLING TBH family members & this is far worse than any SUICIDAL + MURDER put together.

    HENG SEAI KIE is NOT wrong. She did the BEST thing at that moment of which is to just WALK AWAY from the scene. No point trying to speak to anyone when she knew they are being used by some an irresponsible party called DAP.

    As for the pushing-shoving incident, I would say “IT TAKES 2 HANDS TO CLAP”. I’m pretty sure BOTH sides are at FAULT (Hengs’ supporters & TBHs’ supporters). If TBH family members would have been a little WISER, they wouldn’t have been in GALAS & thus NO such incident will happen. Where else for HENG supporters, if they didn’t have RETALIATED it would all be PEACE & HARMONY.

    Just move on, ok??? Such incident happens every now & then. Even in SOCCER games, we often see such episodes. Nothing NEW though (biasa dah tengok).

    Time for TBH members to WAKE -UP & get themselves away from DAP brain washing exercise!!!

  3. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    With the photos as proof, clearly showing that your Senator Heng had openly lied that no one actually fell, are you MR CHUA SOI LEK and the MCA going to initiate disciplinary action against the perpetrators of the ‘assault’ on Soh and the open lies of your senator?

  4. bwho says:

    she dun need any new glasses but required “milky eye-mo” to cleanse her eyes LOL

  5. ikonoklast says:

    What can you expect people (if you call them that) who are
    UMNO’s lackeys and have sold out their community on a
    grand scale.

    As for tokz you are in the same cesspool as the Heng fellow.

  6. Jamey says:

    With dark glass frame, of course!

  7. Ron says:

    I really disappointed with the act by those MCA fellow, if no action againt them, please do not hope that chinese comunity will vote MCA anymore. Perhap it true DAP use TBH’s family but as long as government give TBH justice and never hide something at back there, i believe their family or relative will understand it.

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