Why did Guan Eng hijack argument by deliberate warping?

In our previous posting ‘Send flotilla to S’pore!‘, regular Hartal reader ‘najib manaukau’ pointed out that “the only one common thing in the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Malays is that they are all Muslims”. However, looking at the chart of the Top 10 least corrupt countries, we see another thing in common, in that … Continue reading

Send flotilla to S’pore!

Chart above from Wikipedia IFJ accuses Hamas over shutdown of journalists’ union office in Gaza The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the action of the Hamas Internal Security department which closed down the office of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS) in Gaza, accusing them of ‘inexcusable intrusion” in the internal affairs of Palestinian journalists. … Continue reading

PAS & Perkasa say no fun for the wicked

Pix borrowed from ‘Malaysian Insider’ story ‘Ansari falls into the sea… again‘ We took a week’s R & R but we’re back! With the all too many things happening politically, we needed to chill. Like Ansari Abdullah. But we didn’t go skinny dipping lah. “No fun, please”, we’re Malaysians. If PAS had their way, we … Continue reading

Bad karma for Umno Youth & Palestinians

On Wednesday, Selangor delegate Zainuri Zainal at the Umno Youth general assembly criticized a disabled rights group for staging their protest over the Kuala Langat municipal council’s decision to kill nine dogs. The animals belonged to a suspect in the murder of cosmetics queen Sosilawati Lawiya. DETONATING DONKEYS The Taliban exploded a donkey in April … Continue reading

Najib mentioned ‘ethnic cleansing’, Star didn’t report

The three most viewed stories in Star Online at the time of writing are: ‘I never saw it coming, says feng shui master who lost left hand’ ‘First to breakfast, then to brothel raid’ ‘Singapore woman ordered to pay alimony to ex-hubby’ The most important event happening in the country — Najib Razak’s speech at … Continue reading

Voters, dare to ask DAP this

Pix: Protesters tear photos of Adam Lambert It was reported today that the MCMC fined TV3 RM50,000 for the station’s Hari Raya ad. PAS protest #1 When the controversy first surfaced, Harakah Daily reported that PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi on Sept 5 had urged TV3 to scrap the ad. Nasrudin complained that the … Continue reading

Hullo Najib! Quit exaggerating & deal with facts

In his address to the Umno general assembly, Najib Razak said: “In the 20th century, we have seen cases of lynching in the United States, the holocaust tragedy in Europe, the slaughter of Palestinians in the Middle East and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda.” The accepted estimated figures are: Holocaust: 6,000,000 Jews exterminated … Continue reading

Exit All-Blogs, Enter ‘Bloggers Against Bullies’

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Rocky announced the setting up of a new bloggers group ‘Bloggers Against Bullies’ aka BfM (Bloggers for Malaysia) in the aftermath of  Rais Yatim’s police report against Rocky and BigDog recently. The BfM protem committee consist of (respective blogsites – or lack thereof – in brackets): President. – Syed Akbar Ali … Continue reading

Fascinating factoids: The fighting & the freezing

Pix: 1mutedMalaysia So Malaysian is No.141 in the world Press Freedom Index 2010. But y’know, we’re still ahead of Nigeria (145), Congo (148), Swaziland (155), Saudi Arabia (157), Libya (160) and Somalia (161). For trivia, we’re providing one factoid for each of the countries in the bottom 10 having the least press freedom. 10. Rwanda … Continue reading

Newspaper insulted religious symbol

For CiF Watch’s media monitoring on Guardian‘s Martin Rowson — the cartoonist who drew the image above insulting the symbol of Judaism — read ‘Why were these deleted?‘ (June 6, 2010) “Deletions galore of pro-Israel comments on the Martin Rowson thread as the Guardian in true Stalinist fashion attempts to suppress the truth.” Doesn’t the Guardian … Continue reading