Good cop or bad cop?

by Reina

The IGP’s term was extended for the second time. The mainstream media came out with glowing reports about Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan – completely ignoring the hard and harsh criticisms in the Internet including the detailed claims in Malaysia Today about his links with the underworld.

Malay Mail reports that former senior police officers said “he would be able to bring about many changes as well as fix some of the existing problems” among others.

Former Terengganu deputy police chief Datuk Mohd Fuad Talib went as far as to say that Musa’s tenure should have been extended to two years instead of just one. Full Malay Mail report here.

“I will continue to do my best in ensuring the promises made to the government in the five-year strategic plan are achieved. We will also go all out and ensure the government’s target in reducing the crime rate by 20% next year is achieved,” the IGP was quoted as saying in The Star.

Noble words. But why didn’t anyone ask him about his image in the online world?

There has been a barrage of cynical remarks and crushing comments against the top cop.

The worst attacks come from Raja Petra Kamarudin with his series of reports accusing the IGP of a string of offences and abuses.

Yet, not a word was mentioned in the mainstream media.

There are a number of reasons why and below are some of them:

·        The reporters did not ask the question for fear of being rebuked by the IGP who is after all a very powerful man or because the reporters didn’t
think it was necessary or they were oblivious to the goings-on in the Internet (remember the case of the RTM reporter who was a witness at the Karpal Singh trial – and yes, they CAN be THAT ignorant!)

·        The reporters asked but got a telling off from the IGP and no one dared to insist on an answer

·        The IGP gave a silly answer and one of his men would have whispered into his ear telling him that that was bad PR and he might end up on YouTube like Rais. And the IGP would have told the reporters to delete his comment, or called up the editors and told them to do so. Neither a Rais nor a Hishammuddin be (ie: creatively retracting an earlier statement and ordering video clip of the press conference be removed).

·        Editors would not have used his answer for fear of being accused of being “misquoted” should the IGP be called up by the PM the following day and asked to explain his statement to the press.

·        The crime reporters who are very close to the IGP would have insisted on the editors making sure the top cop looked good. Often crime reporters act as image consultants and reputation protectors for the police.

BUT the IGP should have been asked:

“What is your comment, Mr IGP, on what the public has been saying about you and the accusations made against you by RPK?”

Or if you want to put it tactfully:

“But Sir, the people want to know and this is your chance to defend yourself against all those claims in the Internet.”

AND the media should carry his answer.

This is what journalism is all about.

4 Responses to “Good cop or bad cop?”
  1. Lin Chor mah says:

    Give a dog a bad name and hang it. The Internet bloggers had alreadyjudged, condemned and sentenced the IGP. And why not? Many had been paid (to discredit tjhe IGP) by foreign parties (out to destabilize) Malaysia. Only fools believe these bloggers.

  2. Gong Tuah Tai says:

    Hahaha, I can just imagine the pro-Opposition bloggers writing good things about IGP. After all, they blind whenever the PDRM were successful in arresting criminals but very sagely when hantam the PDRM for this or that. They are after all pro-Opposition bloggers and must hantam to discredit the PDRM and IGP.

  3. hartalmsm says:

    Lin Chor mah and Gong Tuah Tai,

    Please explain why both of you are sharing the same IP address?

    And if both of you had read the posting with a bit more care, it was referring to questions the media should ask the IGP.


    In cowboys and indians Western movie shows
    Indians were always the victims in final blows
    You’ll never get to see real justice as it flows
    Since even candle light is not allowed to glow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090909
    Wed. 9th Sept. 2009.

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