Pro-Siti Inshah Facebook fights back

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Our more happenin’ friends have been telling us that social media is more effective and far reaching than this little blog of ours. Possibly, as Facebook, Twitter and others are more snappy, interactive and real time.

Consider for example the Facebook war going on between supporters of Namewee and Siti Inshah.

Several Facebook groups are vocal on the controversy swirling around both the rapper and the school principal.

The first Facebook warriors to take to cyberspace as a collective is ‘Sokong Cikgu Puan Hajah Siti Mangsa Politik’. It has now close to 5,700 members.

Its mission statement reads: “Page ini bukan page RACIST, tapi page yang mengajak KAUM KAUM LAIN memberikan HUJAH di mana Kesalahan Cikgu puan Hajah dalam Hal ini.”

This pro-Siti Inshah Facebook group cannot see where and how the Kulaijaya school principal has offended the minorities.

Quite typically the discussion board goes on a diversionary path and accuses the other races of playing up racial sentiments and in the same breath brings up Hindraf and DAP as pushing a hidden agenda.

Again and too predictably, they allege that Namewee’s fans “hina Islam” — this “insulting Islam” allegation is a popular tactic with those Malaysians who believe that the two-word label removes any need for civilized debate.

Meanwhile Perkasa has thrown their weight behind Siti Inshah. Its president Ibrahim Ali claims she was only giving advice to the students.

Speculation is rife as to what action will be taken against Namewee and Siti Inshah. Last we heard is that the latter may be issued a show cause letter.

3 Responses to “Pro-Siti Inshah Facebook fights back”
  1. Su says:

    That repugnant character of a woman is an absolute disgrace to Malaysian and Muslim societies. She should be sacked from the school and not be allowed to hold any post in any school as she is clearly a menace and demented person. That Perkasa is supporting her is not surprising — look at their own demented and menacing head, Ibrahim Ali. That man is a disgrace to the Malay community. He is crude and a shameless publicity seeker who probably goes to sleep every night dreaming of himself one day becoming the PM of Malaysia. But when you look at how fat he is, one wonders whether his health will hold out. Not like I care.

  2. Equaliser says:

    Top Reasons why non-Malays sending their kids to Tamil & Chinese schools. In national schools, quite common for non-Malay students to be called kafir, keling, babi, hitam, sembah batu, etc. by Malay students. Non-Malay studebts are made to feel inferior and ashamed of their own culture, language and religion. National schools become platform to promote ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ and glorify Arab culture/religion/civilisation. Speaking from personal experience studying in national schools from 70′ to 80’s.

  3. ann says:

    i’m a chinese fr national school too. but i never experience such things happen on me or my bro or sister which is 8yr my junior. but when comes to my children generation i’m very surprise racism is happening at my son primary school .luckily is not to the extend involve the teacher or headmaster. is all between the kids. this is very sad. there are muslim children in chinese school too. does that mean these muslim children have to join the rest of the other non muslim student -eat in their school as what been so call advise given by the headmistress(CREATOR OF RACISM) to those non muslim student during fasting month to show respect in ” way” . it’s all the mind set given to them. personal remark :the 1st day we seen this world we only know malaysia is our birth country. it’s very unfair to call us pendatang cos the pendatang happen at the xxx generation.. i’m not trying to cover cos i’m no history type AND i have NO RIGHT TO SPEAK ON BEHALF for ANYONE. BUT how many of us very sure our nenek moyang betul ada contribute during those days. bottom of all malaysian heart. do u really think we non muslim doesn’t contribute to the country or society at all. we do pay taxes. we are not staying here free neither.we too have to work hard to earn & to pay for our tanah &living.what and why privilage given to muslim.i believe non of us complain cos that’s the 1st thing we learn bout culture & religion. it’s all seem like standard thing. as a normal rakyat all i want is peace among muslim and non muslim to maintain the peace in this beautiful country. but definetly we cannot accept those teacher or guardian who try to set up their own training ground to create any things which will effect our keamanan in our future generation.

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