Ridhuan Tee slams ‘Interlok’ protesters as extremists

Utusan columnist Ridhuan Tee today whacked the Indians in his article ‘Jangan menang sorak‘.

He labels “an extremist demand” the call by Indian NGOs for the novel ‘Interlok’ to be withdrawn as a Form 5 exam text. He quotes the claim by Malay NGO group Majlis Perundingan Melayu that the Indians have “memutarbelit” (twisted) the issue to force the hand of the authorities, and apparently concurs with MPM’s position.

Ridhuan is unhappy that the Malays (‘kita’, Ridhuan counts himself among them) are too weak to defend the principle of the matter, too willing to compromise with “them”, and too easy to give in to their “threats and demands”.

Ridhuan complains that the ‘Interlok’ protest “mengundang ketidakselesaan orang Melayu” (makes the Malays uncomfortable). No word from him about how the negative, stereotypical portrayal of the Indian community will make 16-year-old Indian schoolboys and schoolgirls uncomfortable.

He concludes:

Novel ini bukan satu ancaman kepada perpaduan negara, tetapi manusia yang cetek akal inilah ancaman sebenar.

To Ridhuan, the dummkopf (‘yang cetek akal’) Indians protesting ‘Interlok’ are the real threats to national harmony, not the novel.

Dr M is correct, correct, correct


The paragraphs on the Indians were found in Ridhuan Tee’s blog posting. However, his Utusan column today (the online version) carried an edited copy of the same article but minus the Indian passages.

Another topic covered by Ridhuan was his reminder to Indians and the “ultra kiasu” to know their place in the Tanah Melayu scheme of things. He scolded the “uncivilized” commentators who like to knock Mahathir:

‘Bacalah pendapat dan komen-komen dalam laman web Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, cpiasia dan sebagainya. Pendapat mereka langsung tidak bertamadun. Tetapi ia terus disiarkan dengan megah oleh laman web tersebut dan diberi markah yang tinggi. Tiada tindakan diambil. Saya yakin jika mereka berada di Singapura, sudah lama dihumbankan dalam penjara. Kenapa mereka bebas menulis, orang seperti Mahathir tidak boleh?’

On Feb 1, the old man had created a ruckus — another one in his endless series of controversies every few days. ‘Malaysia is Tanah Melayu, says Dr M’, see story here.

Ridhuan may be too enigmatic for the average Pakatan supporter when he wrote (see below) that the line “China belongs to Chinese” — said by Andy Lau in the movie he’d just watched at the cinema — should have been cut by our national censorship board.

Ridhuan’s endorsement for such inexplicable censorship is reminiscent of Mohamad Rahmat who as Information Minister banned Chinese period/costume dramas over RTM. The Utusan columnist added that this country [read: ‘kita’, the Malays) is very liberal because movie’s hero is allowed to say “China belongs to Chinese” without any censorship here.

Secara kebetulan pula, saya baru sahaja menonton cerita Shaolin yang sedang hangat ditayangkan di pawagam. Kata-kata “negara China milik orang Cina” begitu jelas sekali diungkapkan oleh hero filem Shaolin, Andy Lau. Babak tersebut langsung tidak dipotong oleh Lembaga Penapis Filem, walaupun dari sudut pembinaan jati diri, babak tersebut sepatutnya boleh dipotong. Begitulah liberalnya kita hidup dalam negara berbilang kaum.

Ridhuan means to say that “dari sudut pembinaan jati diri” (for Chinese here to become Malaysian First), Malaysian Chinese should not be exposed to celluloid scenes of Chinese nationalism because the patriotic Malaysian Chinese is someone who must identify with the locals (i.e. shining example set by Ridhuan himself) and with not the ‘Chinesey’ sentiments expressed by the Tiongkok hero.

His innuendo on the parallel to “China belongs to Chinese” is clearer and more easily understood. Ridhuan is arguing how different is this then from Mahathir saying ‘Malaysia belongs to the Malays’?

Except Ridhuan forgets that Sabah at 73,997 sq km and Sarawak at 124,450 sq km make up 60 percent of Malaysia’s (329,750 sq km) land area.

He’ll have to ask the Sabahans and Sarawakians whether they consider their states as having Tanah Melayu origin too, and explain why the peninsula, which makes up only 40 percent of the Malaysian land mass, should be so bossy.

14 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee slams ‘Interlok’ protesters as extremists”
  1. d'evil says:

    This bastard again.

  2. Penang Voter says:

    Hartal MSM: We get your drift, Pg Voter & your comment is registered but sorry (unpublishable).

  3. Ridhuan, don’t you understand simple English ?
    You call yourself a Tee, Malay does not have a surname and please go and have your blood and your eyes changed aside from the colour of your skin changed too.
    I told you I swear to contribute to the procedures to do so. One thing you must complain is that Allah must have made a mistake in creating you he should have you born a Malay and don’t ever give you surname. You have to be a nature misfortune and why is it just like the shenanigan Mahathir, who is of Indian descendant trying so hard to prove to the world he is a Malay? Once more take away your surname and have your eyes, your blood and the colour of your skin changed! Then you are free to say anything you like and nobody will have anything derogatory to say about you.

    Hartal MSM: Comment edited. Cheers.

  4. wandererAUS says:

    The voice of a blowhole wiper crying desperately to be heard…to demonstrate the fine art he has mastered!


    Hartal MSM: Edited. Cheers wandererAUS.

  5. Resh says:

    Again this ‘tin kosong’ a?

  6. simon says:

    Hello ,, Andy Lau is an actor, he says many things,,and is only in MOVIE, some are very childish cartoon and not real, sometime he can fly and make fire in movie.

    TDM is a real politician and when he speaks the news spread and and will effect govt policy.

  7. FS says:

    Does interlok includes the history of people like ridhuan? Hopefully yes, for his incredible effort to prove himself to be more malay than any ethnic malay.

  8. skyrobby says:

    Ridhuan you should have DROP PeD your TEE shirt long long ago. Dont argue blindly and very last are you malaysian or not even a chinese at all. Must be TAKDIR for you to have a TEE name.

  9. Maz says:

    Normally, I am not a big supporter of big global pharma setting up operations
    overseas (e.g., Malaysia) to mass produce and market anti-psychotic medication
    at low labour and production cost, but in the case of Tee Hee, I will make a
    sole exception.

  10. Maz says:

    Can we contract out Terry Gilliam (ex-Monty Python and current film director) to
    do a biopic about Tee Hee ?

  11. I am not against such literature, for it is just that – literature. William Shakespeare has Merchant of Venice that is really anti-Semitic but it is allowed and taught during my days.

    But for the sake of balance and sensitivity, the book ought to paint also the Malays as ‘lazy natives’. How about that for literal colour?


    Hartal MSM: Why talk about Jews and Shakespeare from the 16th century? We got a better comparison.

    How about a contemporary novel that portrays how it is the cultural norm for Malays rape their own grandchildren (to balance the Chinese selling their daughters).

    A compulsory reading that depicts it is the ethos of the Malays to take bribes and be corrupt (to balance the Chinese being mercenary cheats, swindlers and money grubbers, and that Malays are all Mat Rempits who are drug addicts (to balance the Chinese prostitutes, gamblers, drinkers and opium addicts in Interlok)?

    So this prizewinning karya sastera diwajibkan di sekolah and all Form 5 students must internalize that Malays are rapers of their own grandchildren, corrupt-to-the-core bribetakers, bohsias and Mat Rempit drug addicts whose fathers like to beat up poor Indian suspects and who dispossessed the Orang Asli?

    Then we force our students to memorize the above theme in order that they can pass their SPM. How about that? After all, the things described above have happened before what. It’s all true what. Just stating facts what.

    (Note: Hartal would find the outlined putative novel equally offensive, wouldn’t you? Why extrapolate such negativity to tarnish entire communities?)

  12. David Martin says:

    Tee Hee never read the religon he was born into,that is why he converted.He has not read the “interlok” either, other wise he would have realised that his great grandmother has been branded as one who came to sell her body to the highest bidder.

  13. Moronhater says:

    There are many descriptions for people like Ridhuan Tee. Here are some:

    He denounces anything to do with Chinese.

    If he’s racially prejudiced against the Chinese, then he should hate himself.

    IGNORAMUS – The day he decided to be a Moslem, he became one. It has nothing to do with Islam. He became an ignoramus because he believed that being a Moslem, he can say anything he wants against anyone whom he doesn’t like, anyone who isn’t a Moslem, anyone who isn’t a Malay, anyone who doesn’t have his warped sense of racial hegemony.


    Hartal MSM: Comment edited.

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