If you fail Math/Science in English, you can work as a journalist.

This write-up appeared on Patrick Teoh’s blog on Aug 21st. Nothing like a bit of plastic patriotism to celebrate Merdeka, eh?


On page N36 of the street version The Star today there is a photo of some members of the Ipoh City Council staff waving little Malaysian flags. Nothing wrong with that I guess. After all it is that silly period of ‘forced’ patriotism we go through each year. What got me were the caption and the story headline.

Ipoh City Council staf members waving the Jalur Gemilang which was given to them yesterday. They were asked to fix the flag on their vehicles.
(highlights are all mine)
How does that photo caption translate into this story headline?
Patriotic spirit flying high in Ipoh

And if you’re not shaking your head by now there’s more vomit-inducing stuff inside the story.

Apparently, the Ipoh mayor has directed his staff to fly the flag on their vehicles. The Ipoh city council owns 1,000 vehicles. The mayor, Roshidi also admitted that he’d signed a directive addressed to all 220,000 business premises under the council’s purview to fly the flag on their premises. In other words, “You WILL be patriotic, you hear me!!!”

And then, this is really funny. Roshidi said that flying the flag will help boost the people’s morale and love for the country and will thus inspire them to work harder and contribute more to the nation. This Ipoh fler thinks we’re all 3 years old issit?

Hahahaha…then ‘on a separate matter’ Roshidi announced that he had selected 10 different mosques and surau in the city to hold his usual “turun padang” (go to the ground) programmes. He said he was doing this for two ‘things’ – the spirit of Ramadan and also Merdeka. Errr…Roshidi I think if you’d chucked in a couple of temples and churches in there you might have hit the target.

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for Government Bureaucrat Most Unclear Of The Concept goes to Roshidi Hashim, mayor of Ipoh.


2 Responses to “If you fail Math/Science in English, you can work as a journalist.”
  1. maie58 says:

    insulting our level of intelligence……..

  2. musalmah says:

    Cuma tanya.

    How much did the flag cost the tax payer?
    Ada kenduri kah bila mayor pergi to the mosque. Siapa belanja?
    Surau orang Pas dia pergi juga kah?

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