Just ‘like’ drive-by shootings (at Zaid), eh?

Pix: One Pakatan party is bending over backwards to appease and it ain’t PKR.

Part 2, continued from yesterday …

Part 1 of this posting left off at quoting FMT as saying said that some of the party’s seasoned politicians felt that it shouldn’t be highlighting the feuds in their house.

We then added our Hartal 2 sen how it’s the same as Tunku Aziz warning DAP not to wash their dirty linen in public.

If Zaid’s Ibrahim’s candidacy in the PKR deputy presidency race has the effect of revealing the rot in the party, so be it. Zaid didn’t invent the PKR shortcomings. They are already there. They’ve always been there.

Do you — as a voter — want to know about the bad bits (or chunks, or huge chunks) of PKR — and DAP — now? Or do you want to wait until you have put them power-hungry pollies in Putrajaya only to find out?

The hits below the the belt at Zaid (and Azmin) are indicative of the how-low-can-they-go Pakatan political culture, and the gutter comments by online participants in assassinating character. Nice bunch of party loyalists they got there at PKR (and DAP).

The drive-by shooters are accusing Zaid to be a “Trojan Horse” just because he’s causing the beans to be spilled?

Hey! The PKR diehards may wish to keep their stinking laundry safely stored out of sight in the closet but the rest of Malaysians who are not card-carrying members of PKR (or DAP) prefer to see their true colours sooner rather than later (later would be too late)-.

‘Umno is beginning to look better than PKR’, goes RPK’s ‘No Holds Barred’ column headline on Wednesday.

“PKR is starting to look like a party of slime-balls and scumbags,” said Raja Petra. Glad Pete’s come out to say it.

And DAP is starting to look like a party doing the limbo rock. No angels — even if some of them make as if they’re great caliphs.

Interestingly enough, FMT alluded to [Pakatan, but who else, right?] as “a political coalition hell-bent on seizing the torch of power”. Would they bend hellishly to expediency to seize power? Seems like … see how DAP is bending over backwards.

The honeymoon enjoyed by Pakatan is over. People are beginning to take off their rose-tinted glasses.

Part 1: PKR infighting spills over into out-fighting

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