Bravo PAS for anti-ISA turnout

The Star front page banner headline today asked: ‘Why march?’

Well, why stop us? — By Helen Ang

14 Responses to “Bravo PAS for anti-ISA turnout”
  1. Kugan says:

    And to the editors of Star, “Why whore to UMNO?”

    • 4RAKYAT says:

      WONG CHUN WAI’s answer 2 u:

      i) we can get by without being umno’s whore, but…

      ii) we can be rich by being umno’s whore… and…

      iii) we can be richer still now that we are not only umno’s whore, but we are also their lapdogs…. woof!! woof!!…


  2. Jonathan says:

    What the police did to Hatta was unspeakable……Now I am certain these same bastards killed Teoh, Kugan and possibly thousands more…….

    With a murderer as PM, this country is all but kaput……..PAS showed the way today……

    Maybe….just maybe…Anwar is not the right guy to take the PR forward to power……

    • 4RAKYAT says:

      PAS has re-inforced my belief that if the occassion calls for it, they are the ones who can rally tens of thousands of supporters to the streets.

      i am a malaysian chinese. maybe this time, again, i can use the lame excuse of being kiasi for not being to be in the thick of the action but i know i CANNOT be using this lame excuse any longer.

      God…please show me the courage to march with our fellow malaysians to fight for freedom, democracy and most importantly KUBURKAN UMNO.


  3. Shamsul Iskandar says:

    All you trouble makers should be put in ISA forever.Useless bunch of idiots!

  4. busybody says:

    What trouble makers are you talking about,SI?? We are fighting against a corrupt regime.

    We are trying to make our country a better place for our future generation.

    If you don’t have the guts to stand up to this corrupt,oppresive regime I suggest you just stand back and keep quite.

  5. dunnoalso says:

    busybody …yr family…have u made a better home for them?

  6. PeoplePower says:

    The Star?
    Who the hell on earth trust what it reported?!

  7. Star the toilet paper says:

    Star is not called toilet paper for nothing. Wong Chun Wai is not called no spine for nothing. I tahan the pain each time I shit because I wipe my arse with Star newspapers. It hurts but for principle, I will tahan the pain.

  8. wira says:

    Of course we must march.

    1. Government only giving a review while the rakyat want it abolished.

    2. A review may be for the worse. Look at what they have done to ACA?

  9. Eric says:

    Bravo Malaysians.
    Yesterday Malaysians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, both genders and all skin colours, walked together on a matter of national policy. This was simply beautiful.
    I was there. I saw black-clad Malaysian Chinese who shared light moments with tudung-clad Malaysian Malay ladies, brave Unit Amal members giving salt (against tear gas) to Hindraf supporters. That’s why BN is so enraged. Malaysians built history together yesterday, as they did in the Hartal and the PUTERA-AMCJA people’s constitution days. Malaysians have a history together, though it has been hidden to them for decades. They just proved they will build a future together!
    Hidup Malaysia!

    1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.

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