Who took money from George Soros?

Pix pinched from the Weekly Standard.

It was a three-quarters of a million (RM2.32 million) dollars donation made between 2008 and 2010.

The US$750,000 from George Soros and family went to J Street, an American far-left lobby group. The lobbyist or pressure group working its influence on American Congressmen has been accused of being “very, very radical” and inciting against Israel.

“Senior members of J Street have often distributed factually incorrect material that makes Israel look bad”, chairman of the American Israeli Action Coalition, Harvey Schwartz told IsraelNationalNews.com.

It was also found that in 2008-2009, the bulk of J Street’s funds came from a single donor, Consolacion Esdicul (left in picture).

Esdicul is a mystery woman living in Hong Kong whom the Jewish media has been hot on the trail of during the past several days. She and Soros, between them, accounted for half of J Street’s initial funding.


Meanwhile, at home, we do wonder as well where the “very, very radical” Perkasa gets its funding?!

A little ironic twist to the trivia story above is how the Ayahanda patron of Perkasa used to make it his hobby to bash the Jewish billionaire bogeyman Soros.

Malaysian reporters — the next time they cover the ex-PM in their assignment — should ask Mahathir whether he has the faintest idea as to who the financial backers of Perkasa might be.

It can’t be all that cheap to rent a crowd.

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