DAP suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome

Pix: Click on video (below) for demo of LGE’s Tourette’s Syndrome. ‘Seeing is believing’.

By Hartal MSM

If you’ll trawl this blog, you can find a number of postings critical of MCA, including recent ones. These are mostly in the context of its ownership of the Star and the radio station that sacked DJ Jamaluddin.

Yet throughout our longstanding criticisms of MCA, never has the party’s cybertroopers come in to say that Hartal is an agent or agency of the ‘enemy’ for what we’ve written against them (MCA). However, when we criticise DAP, the comments from the party cadres are insinuating and accusatory.

One ‘cyber thug’ (to use Helen Ang’s description of the DAP mob dragging Malaysian political culture into the gutter) is the character assassin calling himself Ah Hoe. He’s pursuing a personal vendetta against Helen in Malaysiakini but in the process his comments (droppings which are like birdshit all over the place) attempt to implicate Hartal.

If you’ll see the screenshots below, he copypasted the same comment again and again, from the droppings he left in her column, and replicated in letters to the editor totally unrelated to Helen. What Ah Hoe did is called ‘spamming’ (besides THUGGERY).

According to Malaysiakini policy, “Comments that include profanity, personal attacks, and antisocial behaviour such as ‘spamming’ and ‘trolling’ will be removed.” One of Ah Hoe’s comments was either removed by the Malaysiakini moderator or deleted by Ah Hoe himself (we suspect the latter).

Nonetheless we caught it on screenshot before its removal. Ah Hoe attacked Helen by putting his comment in a letter to the editor by Chuah Siew Eng titled ‘Media bias no excuse for Kedah gov’t press ban‘ — which is totally unrelated to Helen.

Ah Hoe replicated the identical comment as above in yet another Malaysiakini letter ‘DAP, PKR should not be lackeys of PAS‘ which was written by ‘Kulim Voter’ — once again totally unrelated to Helen. Basically, Ah Hoe is hitting out at Helen anywhere and everywhere, an  indication of his paranoia and dementia, and that of his fellow party supporters.

They are rather like their party boss who appears to similarly be  suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized (also) by vocal tics or uncontrolled repetition of words. Ah Hoe repeats himself endlessly in a demented loop; so does Lim Guan Eng.

See video clip on how LGE manages the incredible feat of blasting ”Shin Bet’ and ‘Mossad’ 12 times within a span of 2-and-1/2 minutes [2: 34 and 4: 28 and 6: 20].

[Click on thumbnail to view the video]


Click HERE (pdf) for transcript of Guan Eng’s Tourette Syndrome utterences.

Needless to say, the same mode of personal attack was carried out by Ah Hoe on Helen in her own most recent Malaysiakini column. This is what he said: “Typically kiasu, she misuses HartalMSM to attack DAP-Lim family. By abusing her access at HartalMSM, she compromises the blog’s principal role and turned it into an anti DAP pro UMNO blog.’

Notice how Ah Hoe is applying Ridhuan Tee’s vocabulary of ‘kiasu, kiasu, kiasu’ repetitively? Such affinity! That’s why we earlier posted ‘DAP people becoming just like Umno‘.

Any Hartal regular reader will know at once Ah Hoe’s accusation that we are a “pro UMNO blog” is an outright lie! And like we said earlier, Ah Hoe and his DAP pals ganging up on Helen are simply recycling their same comments everywhere (one of the hallmarks of cybertrooper). Their comments have been replete with profanity and personal attacks as we showed in our previous postings.

But perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that we are now able to see DAP apparatchik  like Ah Hoe in action.

This blog is themed on the media and we don’t usually do political commentary. However, from the inadvertent encounter with DAP at one remove, our readers can see how the way Ah Hoe & Co. operate should make voters beware of a political party that fosters this kind of thuggery.

As to Ah Hoe’s accusation that Helen is “abusing [her] access at Hartal”, when we first posted on the DAP thuggery, we’d already made a disclosure that she is our friend and ally and was one of the founding members of Hartal, as well as of the close discussions she still maintains with the team.

However, what we’re doing presently does indeed fall under the ambit of media monitoring. It’s been a most enlightening exposure to the modus operandi of DAP cyber thugs.

14 Responses to “DAP suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome”
  1. Leithaisor says:

    Well HartalMSM,

    It would do well for you to look in the mirror too.

    While I agree with you, and am also as disgusted as you, that mercenary cybertroopers, blindly loyal folks and vile bigots of various shades have infested too much of cyberspace, posting their smelly rubbish, patently lopsided comments and blatant lies everywhere, I also have to say that I have been growing increasingly disgusted with the often questionable articles in HartalMSM.

    I do not agree with many of your arguments, but that in itself is not the bone of contention.

    The problem I have with HartalMSM is that you seem to have lost more and more of your objectivity.

    Just like folks who flame selected targets like Helen Ang and appear to try to use the tactic of he who shouts loudest or longest wins, my oinion is that HartalMSM has been going in the direction of a similarly slippery road downhill too.

    Like you wrote about a ‘cyber thug’ dragging Malaysian political culture into the gutter, HartalMSM, which I understand seeks to improve the standard of journalism in Malaysia, has itself been guilty of thuggery in repeated attacks against certain political entities and personalities in a manner which is not becoming, to say the least.

    Yes, by all means publish what you perceive to be negative truths about anyone, but do so in a balanced and reasonable fashion.

    To go as far as name-calling and excessive personal attacks using cartoons or spoof pictures detracts greatly from any possibly worthwhile arguments which HartalMSM may be trying to put forward. Down into the gutter.

    So again I say: It would do well for you to look in the mirror too.


    Hartal MSM: When we look in the mirror, we see a bunch of bloggers doing this mediawatch pro bono. When DAP looks in the mirror, they will see the reflection of Perkasa and Umno staring back.

    • Helen Ang says:


      There is a big difference. Ah Hoe has been flaming me, even in Siew Eng’s letter and in the letter by ‘Kulim Voter’ which have got absolutely nothing to do with me. Ah Hoe has by now taken hundreds!! of potshots at me every-which-where with his wild accusations making anyone guilty by association with me be it Hartal, CPI or even I expect he’ll soon be slagging my dog.

      On the other hand, Hartal MSM post in their own blog, period. That’s all the place they do their stuff and it’s their prerogative to choose what stuff they do. You’ve said you don’t agree with many of the Hartal arguments but that they’re nonetheless telling “negative truths”. These are vastly different from Ah Hoe’s psychotic, lying attacks selectively targetting me.

      Nobody thus far has complained that Hartal’s truths, though ‘negative’ have been psychotic.

      I don’t see how you can make any comparison.

      • Helen Ang says:

        POSTSCRIPT: Even if the Hartal team is standing up for me for old times’ sake or for friendship’s sake, that’s their prerogative. This is their own space to do with as they like and readers can choose to come or not to come. But with Ah Hoe, he’s spamming discussion forums that are off-topic just so to smear my name. And he’s telling bigger and bigger lies and dragging in more and more people in his bashing just to protect DAP from criticism.

  2. casper says:

    For one who constantly ‘try’ thread the Middle Path, I think it hasty to brand “Ah Hoe and his DAP pals” as such because there is no knowing who this person truly is, fair enough ? Unless there is concrete evidence besides ‘tell tale’ insinuation, only god know who is behind a post and wielding whatever motive towards achieving their aim.

    Regards as always.


    Hartal MSM: His thuggery is as clear to the naked eye as his Tourette’s Syndrome. However, in his own words he calls himself a “DAP supporter”. Other Malaysiakini readers have called him something — a word a***h*** (ha-ha-ha) that sounds like Ah Hoe.

  3. vasantha says:

    Ah Hoe,please do not abuse the freedom of expression. Every word that we write must be sincere and full of our conviction. It is for nothing that the expression ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ came by!

  4. Leithaisor says:

    There is such a thing as maintaining the moral high ground.

    I have to agree that there is some truth in “when DAP looks in the mirror, they will see the reflection of Perkasa and Umno staring back”. It backs up my point that if DAP seekjs tyo criticise Perkasa and UMNO, it must not use the same dirty tactics.

    If MartalMSM looks again in the mirror, and maybe strive for more objectivity, what does it see?

    Is it right if say, a couple of policemen decided that the system was letting too many vile criminals back onto the streets, there have been too many innocent victims and too many policemen have been slain in the course of duty, and so took it upon themselves to shoot dead, with a head-shot each just to be sure, all those “criminals” (concluded to be so in their own minds) whom they cornered?

    What is so different from going down the slippery road of name-calling and excessive personal attacks which parallels the slimy road of Ah Hoe and his ilk? Yes, “psychotic” Ah Hoe may be different in some ways from what I see wrong with hartalMSM, but on the other hand, what are the similarities?

    HartalMSM may differ from the comment spaces of sites like Malaysiakini in that it is a blog space owned by HartalMSM, but surely carrying out a mediawatch pro bono cannot be achieved without the articles it publishes being viewed by at least a significant number of eyeballs.

    And, I stress again, the “going down to the gutter level” tactic detracts greatly from that goal; it devalues anything HartalMSM folks try to say, however worthwhile the message may be.

    If I tried to promote the election of clean, honest and capable people into Parliament, and then proceeded to lead a group of people – say with a long-standing unresolved problem with low-cost housing – and say that we will vote en-bloc for whichever political party can get the problem resolved, am I not simply saying that our votes are for sale? How different is that from prostituting my vote to any corrupt politican who comes along with a big enough “salam berisi”?

    There is much that needs to be done to stem the many entrenched, festering and widespread wrongs in our nation.

    A credible mediawatch would have been a welcome step in the right direction. Detracting from the credibility with dirty tactics is shooting yourself in the foot, aidding and abetting the very same foes you seek to fight against.

    The moral high ground must be maintained.
    Thank you Leithaisor for being pragmatic on the matter.

    The Malaysian media landscape has changed irrevocably courtesy of GE12. Traditional MSMs aligned to BN are now matched by the alternative or New Media that are generally supportive of PR. In other words, Malaysiakini can be considered as mainstream too. See my April 2008 write-up.

    New Media brought along with it ‘interactive news’ i.e. the comments section. In simple terms, I call it ‘UGC’ – user generated content.

    Because of this, articles and/or news reports in the New Media are intrinsically linked to the comments which sometimes enhances the copy with further input from readers.

    Therein lies the crunch. Critical analysis of media will invariably encompass what’s written as comments – shar101.

  5. Leithaisor says:

    This paragraph was accidentally cropped out from the TP of my previous comment:

    Doing a mediawatch pro bono was something noble which was a credit to the the folks who ran HartalMSM. Going down to the the level of those it fought against is not.

  6. Maz says:

    “DAP suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome..”

    Nah..just OCD and bi-polar anti-social mania…

  7. din says:

    hai, blogger politic macam you all ni,biasa lah,you all semua sitting on a very high ‘moral ground’ apa orang buat,baik kerajaan atau pembangkang,semuanya salah. you all think 2008 ‘victory’ because you all aje kan?ini bukan ‘third force’ tapi kaki sibuk aje.

  8. Mark says:

    Dear probono bloggers,

    I have been reading your articles for a while now and I personally do not find you have descended to the gutter levels Leithaisor speaks of. I have enjoyed most of them and I trust you will keep whacking both BN and PKR politicians as and when they in your view, stray from the straight and narrow. As for Helen, she should endeavour to put people like that asshole (he’s not worth it) out of her mind and concentrate on what she does best i.e churn out well written brilliant articles, something which her detractors are unlikely to measure up to.

  9. Mad Logic says:

    But perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that we are now able to see DAP apparatchik like Ah Hoe in action.

    Has it ever occurred to you folks that this Ah Hoe may not actually be a DAP member or defender ? His whole purpose in anonymity is to create a negative impression on DAP by behaving badly in the name of defending DAP.

    Hartal MSM: He’s gone all out with below-the-belt tactics and dirty twists to try to destroy Helen’s reputation and credibility because she dares to criticize DAP — Occam’s Razor (‘the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one’).

    Also her column comments section has been a war zone in recent weeks, with 100-150+ comments. There’s a discernible pattern of verbal jousts between DAP supporters & Helen’s defenders. The more neutral commentators have observed that the mudslinging is flowing mainly in one direction, from the DAP gang.

    The fruit does not fall far from the tree; the tree is judged by its fruit.

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