Valentine Girl: Ustazah Siti is loved by many

The Facebook of Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood has 342,000 ‘Likes’ by users of the social network. Now that’s really a lot of people who like her.

Siti lists among her favourite pages Harakah Daily, Utusan, Ustaz Sharhan Shafie, Ustaz Ismail Kamus, Tuan Guru Dato’ Dr Haron Din and Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah.

Let’s see who these people are.

Ustaz Sharhan Shafie appears to be a popular practitioner of traditional [‘Islamic’] medicine affiliated with ‘Sinar Zamdurrani‘.

Ustaz Ismail Kamus is apparently a PAS man.

Tuan Guru Haron Din needs no introduction. He’s the Timbalan Mursyidul Am of PAS, i.e. deputy spiritual adviser, and second only to Tuan Guru Nik Aziz in the party hierarchy.

Dr Mohd Fadzilah is a [PhD] motivation expert who has appeared on TV. We were unable to find anything about his political affiliation searching online.

Unless someone can come up with some proof of Siti having any link with Umno, we would not be so presumptuous. In fact on the contrary, from her ‘Likes’, we’d assume her to be somewhat inclined to PAS. Again this is only an assumption — ours.

Celebrities or TV personalities may be apolitical or prefer to be on good terms with everyone on either side of the political divide. If someone can point out her link (if any) to Umno, by all means please do so.

Otherwise, it only goes to show the mentality of the Pakatan crowd who jumped to the conclusion that Siti’s criticism of Valentine’s Day reflects big, bad Umno hard at work.

Every explosion of religious tension is invariably blamed on Umno. Yet the Kong Kali Kong ustaz turned out to be a PAS office holder, which caught the Umno bashers flat-footed and red-faced.

(Pix: Normala Sudirman, the PAS ustazah type). Pakatan people should learn to understand that the religious bureaucracy do not come under Umno. Remember that it is the Sultans who are the heads of religion.

In fact, we may one day find the mullahs here to be more powerful than the politicians because nobody dares to question them.

The religious bureaucrats can issue fatwas which become law (for Muslims) and they’re unchallenged, whereas politicians who are lawmakers become no-holds-barred targets of attacks (think CSL and the rest of the MCA guys, or any lawmaker who has decamped from Pakatan such as WCK, HYF and the rest).

Lest the DAP cybertroopers accuse us of being “Umno stooges” (the party should really hire more imaginative people who can come up with alternative slurs, not!), allow us to state explicitly: No, we’re not defending Umno here.

We’re merely warning about the rise and rise of the mullahs, and reminding everyone how much secularism has been eroded.

It’s a timely reminder as even now ‘PAS Youth gathers in preparation to replace Umno‘. The Islamist party has signaled “its readiness to take over from Umno as the dominant Malay party in the next general election”.


9 Responses to “Valentine Girl: Ustazah Siti is loved by many”
  1. Anak Malaysia Kedah. says:

    Ustazah Siti is loved by Many, why not? With tens of thousand malaysian students evacuated from Egypt, we are not surprised that so many likes her are being churned out by the BN with the rakyat monies. Not to mention those BTN by products.

  2. Azizah Ismail says:

    TRUTH are not determined by majority/minority/numbers factor, for TRUTH stands alone. Read the quran and you will come to the TRUTH, painful for the majority, but liberating and spiritually MIND stimulating for the minority, ie. those who do not ever want to compromise on TRUTH!

  3. Paul Warren says:

    She’s hot man!! How do I send her my Valentine intentions?
    In an armoured truck, Paul – shar101.

  4. Iman says:

    please respect the muslims rights to pratice……we do not interfere with yours so, please don’t interfere with ours.To those muslims who are disappointed…..just go on and be prepared to answer in the next world( if you believe.

  5. KaKiaYam says:

    well, I do love her ceramah on tv. Didn’t really follow her programme. But as and when I happen to see her on tv, I will stay on the channel until she finishes. She is a good orator and put forward her points well.

    i would want to think that her intentions are sincere, to avoid the younger generations from indulging in unhealthy activities. While valentines day does not necessarily means sex and intimacy, it does gives the young ones an additional excuse to express love. And for the guys, love means differently from the females…hahaha. But that’s where the problem lies. Even when there is no valentines, there is birthday, outstation trip, anniversary, new year, etc.

    But one thing that really strikes me as I google her name was the many MLM scheme, investment and business she conducted by virtue of her being a religious celebrity. I wonder if the LHDN visited her at all. Slowly, I am beginning to see her other material side. Now I wonder if her priority is to berdakwah, to teach the adherents of islam or to make money. But through the video, I guess the first one is far from her mind.

    Azizah, don’t keep telling the whole world how good and liberating Islam is. Show it to us, unless of course, you only mean it’s just the state of mind. But I can guess what it means to read the quran and reject all the others. Submissions to one and only can be liberating. Nevermind if such submissions is painful to the MINORITY.


  6. Maz says:

    This is just a guess, but I reckon when one is having a “hot date”
    with Siti Nor Bahyah, it means one is sharing a plate of the
    fruits of Phoenix dactylifera with some Teh tarik.
    Yer in early today. What? Day off? – shar101.

  7. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    This is my comment today at the great US-based Jihad Watch – see

    I’m a Malaysian, and I know how SEX-OBSESSED these Muslim fanatic perverts are! Who regard having four wives (not counting the easily divorced wives who’re treated fundamentally as sexual playthings or breeders) as “moral and dignified” to the women! Can one imagine – a neighbour or anyone can simply report on the phone of a Muslim in her/his house supposedly doing whatever, without having to provide any proof besides, and the house will be invaded by these Muslim perverts through their religious ‘police’! How crazy is that! This Islamic party PAS, which cunningly joins in the Opposition People’s Alliance Party (PR) as headed by the (falsely) ‘moderate’ but very anti-Jew Anwar Ibrahim (he’s a Muslim Brotherhood AGENT I much suspect, like Hussein Obama –both are being championed by the usual idiots from the Western left), was able to deceive the frustrated non-Muslims to vote for them in the last election – and here’s what they get! But many non-Muslims in Malaysia don’t care if such Islamic power is ruling because they think the savage and primitive Islamic sharia law like in the article here, don’t touch them – only ‘deviant’ Muslims! Thus why we have non-Muslim Malaysian leaders especially, whether from the ruling or opposition parties, who are willing to submit like SLAVES to Islam because they regard themselves as are untouchable by such Islamic laws – maybe right now because it’s not complete yet like in Saudi, but anyway where’s their concern for the oppressed ‘deviant’ Muslims who want to be free?!

  8. Maz says:

    “Be careful young hot-blooded Malay,
    Do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    You have been duped by the West,
    And so you’re under arrest..
    Praise Allah, submit and obey!”

  9. kesu says:

    Egypt Gets Its Khomeini: Qaradawi Returns in Triumph

    Friday, February 18 may be a turning point in Egyptian history. On this day Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the best-known Muslim Brotherhood cleric in the world and one of the most famous Islamist thinkers, will address a mass rally in Cairo.

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