Danger of normalizing ‘pariah’

UPDATE: Connected story, ‘Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered

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CiFwatch, which monitors the psychosis of The Guardian (a British paper that is determinedly anti-Israel), has a write-up which is useful in helping to elucidate the Interlok situation.

In ‘Harriet Sherwood and the normalization of anti-Israel bigotry‘, CiFwatch blogger Adam Levick explains how he couldn’t but “avoid concluding how utterly normative anti-Israel bigotry has become to journalists covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.

In the Interlok situation, Utusan and other Umno-controlled Malay papers covering the textbook controversy have tried to justify the ‘correctness’ of author Abdullah Hussain’s bigotry too.

The issue has further enabled the propaganda by these Malay papers against the minority races, for example in their lopsided coverage of the protests by Indians be it by the NGOs, the schoolboys or in the street demos.

Levick also touches on how the hard-left journos like Harriet Sherwood (wearing glasses) continue to rationalize such “clear enmity against Jews”. [The Guardian‘s foreign editor does look somewhat like Rachel Corrie (wearing scarf) — Mahathir Mohamad’s darling after which one of the Gaza flottila ships was named.]

According Levick:

“One of the most dangerous political phenomena in the context of the Middle East is the tendency of many on the (Guardian-style) left to use, or accept use of, the term ‘Zionism’ (the right of the Jewish people to live in a sovereign state, in their historic homeland) in the pejorative, whereas explicit expressions of contempt for the Jewish state, and calls for her destruction, has become nearly a banality barely worth noting, let alone condemning.”

Here we have a total disregard by Ketuanan Melayu and its apologists such as Sen Tyng Chai (UPM’s Mr Chai Sen Tyng) and likely aka ‘Yeah‘ and the like-minded Ridhuan Tee clique who do not blink at the use of ‘pariah’ as a pejorative and do not bat an eyelid either at the explicit expressions of contempt for the Chinese and Indians by Abdullah Hussain.

To paraphrase CiFwatch’s shaming of Guardian, we should also ask ourselves whether the continuous verbal assaults against Malaysia’s minorities “has become nearly a banality barely worth noting”?

[CiFwatch has done a pie chart tracking Sherwood’s anti-Israel bias, and the biggest slice denoting the percentage of articles where Sherwood sees red over her favourite target. NIAT and the Chinese NGOs should do a similar chart for Interlok.]

In the same vein that CiFwatch denounces the Guardian-style left for their moral failure “to take such unbridled hatred towards Jews in the Arab world seriously”, we see the same lackadaisical attitude in the self-regarding Mr Chai/Yeah and their ilk who are apologists for the powerful majority whose political clout enables Interlok to remain in the syllabus.

“Even today, when (after expulsions of hundreds of thousands of Jews in the period after Israel’s birth) all but a few thousand Jews remain in Arab lands, often even those minuscule populations are seen as a threat to the majority Muslim populations.

“As recently as last week, Tunisian protesters directed such hate towards the country’s tiny Jewish community, outside one of the last remaining synagogues in Tunis, while chanting anti-Semitic invectives. — see CIFwatch’s coverage

What exasperates us at Hartal MSM is how the kumbayah chanters don’t read in BM and fail to realise how Abdullah Hussain’s prejudicial stereotyping of Chinese and Indians represents a May 13-era enmity, which the Education Ministry has decided to recycle.

Levick’s observation on the Jewish situation makes for a useful comparison:

“Rather, insofar as such enmity represents classic intolerance of a majority towards a religious minority (Jews) in LAND THE MAJORITY VIEWS AS THEIRS EXCLUSIVELY, anti-Zionism should rightly be understood as, not the cause of, but as a symptom of anti-Semitism”. (emphasis Hartal MSM’s)

Interlok has popularised the ‘pariah’ word and validated as well as normalized its use. Yet there are those who criticize the critics of Interlok, and think that by doing so they are riding the moral high horse.

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