Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite

Mahathir Mohamad in his Che Det blog has responded to his ranking at one of the Top 3 anti-Semitics in the world (see our previous posting).

Below our reader Maz responds to Mahathir’s 18-point posting [Mahathir in blue, Maz in black print].

By Maz

1. Mahathir: The Simon Wiesenthal Centre (Jewish) has published a list of people who are classified as anti-Semitic in 2010.

Maz: As well they should, and did…

2. Dr M: This classification is based on the ‘slurs’ uttered by these people against the Jews or Israel in that year.

Maz: Since Mahathir Mohamad put the word ‘slurs‘ in quotes, it is beyond clear that he regards prejudiced statements against Jews as valid and [his own biased statements] not to be sanctioned — no surprise there.

3. Dr M: I am listed among the top 10. I suppose what I had said in 2010 are regarded by the Jewish Centre as slurs but I was merely exercising my right to free speech to speak up against what I considered as injustice.

Maz: Yes, I can see how “Jews getting Muslims to fight one another” [one of Mahathir’s infamous rants] would be an “injustice” except for the fact that in close to 99.9 % of the known internecine Islamic conflicts [see Samuel Huntingon] Muslims attack other Muslims in countries where Jews are largely unknown.

But in Mahathir’s warped psychotic delusional world view, Pakistani Sunnis bombing Shia and Ahmadiyyah mosques in Karachi is a ‘Zionist plot’.

Pix: So-called ‘humanitarian aid’ to Gaza, see Hartal story on BBC report that 2/3 of the medicine transported by the flotilla were out-of-date & useless.

4. Dr M: I condemned Israel for breaking international laws, carrying out an illegal siege of Gaza, attacking and seizing the Mavi Marmara and the Rachel Corrie in international waters, killing nine Turkish aid workers, and continuing to deprive the suffering people of Gaza of medical supplies, construction material and food.

Maz: Yawn… food, medical supplies were never barred from Gaza. Construction materials, yes, for obvious reasons. Of course, Gazans continue to frequent Israeli hospitals at Israeli taxpayer expense… Yawn, I would think Marina would be way past embarrassment having a twat for a father but I guess blood is thicker than water…

Old news: The Marmara incident has been shown to be a provocation on the part of Turkish Islamic extremists and not a ‘peace ship’.

5. Dr M: Israel together with the US are the only countries to use depleted uranium in their bombs and shells which have resulted in all kinds of radiation diseases, among the Palestinians, especially the new-born babies.

Maz: So, Mahathir is a practicing paediatrician, is it? And his epidemiological knowledge about radiation exposure in Ramallah and Gaza is from Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, clearly an authoritative scientific source. Perhaps Mahathir can supply the roentgen levels Palestinian children were exposed to, can? Oops. The United Nations (that is, the anti-Israel UN) found that Israel had used phosphorous shells on one occasion for which they were reprimanded (and have not used since) but the UN stated they found no evidence that Israel used radioactive materials in any conflict anywhere in the ‘territories’ or Lebanon – full stop.

Mahathir, as a follower of Goebbels, believes in the adage “if you tell a lie often enough, sooner or later, it becomes truth”.

(The US used plutonium twice – Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and has not since.)

See Hartal’s Nazis were the victims of the Jews’ & ‘Does Ridhuan Tee endorse Hitler’s genocide?

6. Dr M: If for any or all these I am considered to be anti-Semitic then so be it.

Maz: Yes, so be it.

6. Dr M: But Jews clearly cannot be condemned for anything because 60 years ago the Nazis of Germany committed atrocities against them.

Maz: “From a sow’s mouth to god’s ears”; no more need be said.

7. Dr M: Apparently their sufferings of 60 years ago entitle them to inflicting sufferings on the Palestinians whose land they had stolen. No matter how cruel or unjust they may be no one may criticise them.

Maz: “Entitled”? You mean like you are entitled to have ruined Malaysia for 22 years? You mean like your son is ‘entitled’ to semi-own a ‘halal’ beer corporation in violation of syariah but you get an exemption on sanctimony being ‘a God-fearing Muslim’ and all that, eh Mahathir?

8. Dr M: It is not being Semitic that is wrong.

Maz: You are right; it is being [vintage] Mahathir that is wrong.

Pix: New cars for Gaza, see Hartal story here.

8. Dr M: What is wrong and what draws condemnation is the arrogance, the lack of respect for the lives and rights of others, the blatant seizure of other people’s land, the arbitrary imprisonment of people, the misinformation spread by the media they control etc – which are the subject of condemnation. Whoever commits them must be condemned. And it is obvious that it is the Israelis who commit them most. Israeli oppression and injustice towards the Palestinians cannot be disputed even by those who back Israel.

Maz: Blah..blah..blah…..[just like] Omar Bashir, Ahmadinejad, Putin, Chavez, Assad and Qadaffi yapping about ‘oppression’, …yawn. (Hartal MSM: We’ve found that in Malaysia, the misinformation spread by the media is about Israel as it is you-know-who that owns or controls almost all the media).

9. Dr M: Yes, there were acts by those deprived of their land by the Zionists, which are no less wrong and worthy of condemnation.

Maz: Yawn. (Hartal MSM: But we’ve never heard Dr M condemn the Palestinians when they were “wrong and worthy of condemnation”.)

10. Dr M: But these people have no other means to fight back against the military weapons of their attackers. If they have the tanks, the war planes, the missiles etc they would fight ‘legitimate’ wars. But they don’t and there is a sanction on weapons being supplied to them. They have therefore to resort to whatever means they have to retaliate.

Maz: Poor Palestinians. If only they had a full scale-army like the other Arabs, then it would be a ‘fair’ fight (?)

[a popular saying] “When the Arabs lay down their arms there will peace; when the Israelis lay down their arms there will be no more Israel.”

As for human rights abuses (which Mahathir could care less about), Israel has on occasion committed them, and has Israeli institutions that handle them relatively fairly. Often the Supreme Court finds against the IDF and Israeli government. There are numerous NGOs in Israel that are pro-Palestinian (with as many Jewish as there are Arab members).

Israel does not have an ISA, does not have a corrupt supreme court that is an arm of the government, and does not spout paranoid drivel about foreign conspiracies but [is a state administration that] elicits facts (guess which nation I am comparing Israel to here, Mahathir).

Pix: Hamas cartoon caricaturing the Jew, see Hartal story on ‘Hamas behaving like Taliban‘.

11. Dr M: Admittedly the victims of their attacks include innocent civilians. But when bombs are dropped or missiles fired from afar the victims are also mostly innocent civilians, the old, the sick, the women and the children.

Maz: Of course, to Mahathir, Israeli (Jewish) victims are an afterthought. They count little in his demonic worldview. Tt’s the small ‘price to pay’ to get back at the Jews for their ‘arrogance’ in wanting to defend themselves.  Palestinian civilians are sometimes killed by Israelis (more often by fellow Arabs). Sometimes the Israelis don’t investigate when they should, [although] usually they do. Mahathir’s black-and-white view of the Middle East only allows for stereotypical extremes – so [to him] all Israelis are guilty, of course.

12. Dr M: Are unexpected deaths and woundings by suicide bombers any different from the deaths and woundings by bombs, missiles, guns, tanks and bull-dozers used by the militarily well-equipped and powerful? I don’t think they are.

Maz: Which is why you (Mahathir) are regarded as a pedantic fool. Any moron who believes 9/11 was not caused by Islamic extremists naturally believes a suicide bomber was responding to a justified (yet somehow invisible) provocation.

13. Dr M: Are the people waiting to be killed by bombs and missiles free from feelings of fear and terror at the prospect of sudden violent deaths and having their bodies painfully torn apart, as are those killed by suicide bombers or primitive rockets.

Maz: More disingenuous attempts to defend violent jihad.

Pix: Jewish kids terrorised by Palestinian bombs, see Hartal story here.

14. Dr M: There is no difference in terms of violence between the acts of a suicide bomber and the killings by bombs dropped from the sky or missiles fired from a distance. Both cause fear and terror. Both acts are therefore acts of terror. Both qualify to be called terrorists. State terrorists are no different from irregular terrorists.

Maz: M***n. (Hartal MSM: Despite what he writes above that both sides are culpable, Mahathir however condemns only one party but never the other.)

15. Dr M: Historically the Jews may have lived in the land that is Palestine. But historically the original people of America were the misnamed Red Indians, as were the Aborigines and Maoris of Australia and New Zealand. If all lands must be returned to the first people to live there, then return the United States, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand to the indigenous natives. But you won’t would you?

Maz: Palestine is a Roman (and later British-modified) concoction. There is no Palestine. ‘Palestinian’ Arabs are Canaanites and Ammonites descended from Arabs indigenous to what is now Jordan, West Bank, Syria and southern Lebanon.  Mahathir can no more prove which Arab in Nablus or Jenin or Ramallah came from an Arab family indigenous to the West Bank (rather than elsewhere) than he can disprove that an Israeli of 14 generations did not originate in Israel, Judea or Samaria.

The absurd argument about outside Jewish immigration is belied by the obvious fact (obvious to anybody who spent time in the West Bank or Gaza) that there are an awful lot of ‘Palestinian’ Arabs that somehow are as black as Africans (about 15 % of Palestinians are African in skin colour and physiognomy). Is Mahathir arguing that they are ‘indigenous’ to Gaza and the West Bank? Rather, the obvious explanation is that Palestinian Arabs are as heterogeneous ethnically and demographically as Israeli Jews.

Don’t even mention that Druze and Arab Bedouin serve in the Israeli army of their own free will (not mandatory) and the Israeli Defense Minister does not call them “pendatang”.

Pix: Posh hotels in Gaza, see Hartal story here.

16. Dr M: I am not anti-Semitic because I am not against the Arabs and other Semitic people, or for that matter those Jews who reject Zionism.

Maz: No, you are ‘anti-Semitic’ for reasons made clear by yourself above. You despise Jews and do not feel it is wrong that others do as well.

Zionism is no more illegitimate than Muhammad Ali Jinnah-ism but then of course, West Pakistani Punjabis and Sindhis in 1971 massacred far more Bengali Muslims during the partition of east and west Pakistan than Israel killed Palestinians in its whole history.

Funny, I never hear Mahathir talk about the genocide against Bengali Muslims committed by Punjabi and Sindhi Muslims in 1971. But then again the partition of India into an Islamic state for Muslims (Pakistan) and a secular state (India) is allowed (where Zionism isn’t) because, well, it ostensibly benefits Muslims (but ask any Bangladeshi if he or she feels Punjabi Muslims benefitted them in the 1970s).

17. Dr M: I am simply against injustice, against oppression and unmitigated and illegal violence.

Maz: This would be funny if it weren’t so, well, funny… hilarious in fact (because he says it with such a straight face).

18. Dr M: If that makes me anti-Semitic then I am proud to be anti-Semitic, even though the term anti-Semitic is wrong.

Maz: Buffoons are always proud of their bluster and almost always wrong. We all know you are proud to be anti-Semitic (even though you contradict yourself by saying the term is invalid).


Maz, guest writer for this chapter of Hartal’s ‘Hypocrisy First’ series is our regular reader and commentator.

5 Responses to “Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite”
  1. 2nd class says:

    Your anti Mahathir opinion is clearly based on your hatred towards him and not based on fact. Israeli robbed the Palestinian of their land through the British and this is a FACT and cannot be disputed. Though we are forced to accept this fact, the least the Zionist can do is to treat the Palestinian as human. Palestinian retaliated though through the wrong way of violence but what choice do they have? At the end of the day when God meet those Zionist and Muslim, what would God do to those brothers who are the descendant of Abraham and Isaac? Mahathir may have done injustice to some Malaysian but this is not the reason for you to deny the justice for those Palestinian and support the cruelty of Zionist!

  2. The new anti antisemitism is known as anti Zionists. What is the difference, I am not anti Jew but I am anti Zionist, get my drift?

  3. Jeffkumon says:

    We are talking about the old fox. He is evil – he who ruled and ruins malaysia for 22 years. He is SxxT.

  4. charleskiwi says:

    Shenanigan Mahathir is allowed to set up a fire but he would not allow the people of Malaysia to even let up a lantern
    during his tenure as P.M. !
    There is nothing good about this nature’s unfortunate he is the biggest mistake Allah has created. What ever he is saying he is just trying to pacify the stupid morons plus he is using Islam as art of his tool in the process, what a crying shame to all the muslims. I am more than surprised that there are still a few retarded moron muslims who believe in him. For these retards just wait and see how wrong are you ! Very soon all will be reviewed how corrupted this shenanigan Mahathir is ?

  5. Maz says:

    Your anti Mahathir opinion is clearly based on your hatred towards him and not based on fact. Israeli robbed the Palestinian of their land through the British and this is a FACT and cannot be disputed. Though we are forced to accept this fact, the least the Zionist can do is to treat the Palestinian as human. Palestinian retaliated though through the wrong way of violence but what choice do they have? At the end of the day when God meet those Zionist and Muslim, what would God do to those brothers who are the descendant of Abraham and Isaac? Mahathir may have done injustice to some Malaysian but this is not the reason for you to deny the justice for those Palestinian and support the cruelty of Zionist!
    Everything written here is based on fact except where I used adjectives to describe Mahathir
    which is clearly subjective. You do not refute any of my comments about Israel; you merely ape
    Mahathir’s tired old anti-Israel (anti-Semitic) nonsense. You do not state what about Zionism
    is cruel, that separates it from “Pakistanism’ or Iranian theocracy. You bandy about Zionism
    as an epithet as all anti-Semites want to do without a clue as to what it means. You are ignorant
    of the fact that Israel agreed to partition British-mandated Palestine into a Jewish component (Israel)
    and an Arab component. Had the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs agreed, Israel would have been reduced
    to the 1947 borders and the ‘Palestinians’ would have had alot more land they will ever hope
    to get now. Don’t even mention that the British handed the East Bank (Transjordan) to the
    Bedouin (Badawi) Hashemite Clan of Arabia (King Abdullah II) who are no more indigenous
    to the present-day Jordan than Elephants are native to Antarctica. In fact Canaanite Arabs
    (the real Palestinians) are native to Jordan; why did the British not just hand it to them
    even though they refused compromise with Israel and later assassinated King Abdullah II ?
    It is the Hashemites that usurped Canaanite Arab land, not Jews who do not, and have never
    lived in Amman or Irbil or Petra. When Jordan controlled the West Bank and East Jerusalem prior
    to 1968 why didn’t they give the Palestinians a homeland in part of the West Bank if King Hussein was
    such an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause (maybe because they Jordanian are hypocrites).
    Before you go mouthing off about Zionism and the poor Palestinians, better do some homework
    first or you will end up looking just as foolish as Mahathir and his patrons in Tehran, Riyadh,
    Damascus, Tripoli and Khartoum. And Hamas is far far more cruel to their Arab citizens in Gaza
    than Israel is to Arab-Israelis in the Galilee region (though Israel could improve its human rights
    record as Israelis themselves frequently point out).

    As for ‘inhumane’ Zionists. If they are so bloody inhumane why are so many Muslim Darfurians,
    Muslim Sudanese, Muslim Eritreans so desperate to come to Israel to work and live and beg
    the Israeli border guards not to send them back home or to the arms and guns of the awaiting
    Egyptian border guards who will shoot them on sight ? Why has the Muslim Darfurian and South
    Sudanese Liberation Army Transitional Government stated that they will establish relations with
    Israel no matter what any Arab government says or threatens because they have stated how
    thankful they are to Israel for the aid it gave to (Muslim) Darfurians while they were being slaughtered
    by Arab Janjaweed militias directed from Khartoum.
    Do I hate Mahathir ? No…hatred is defined as an all consuming passion of negative feelings
    for an individual one knows well. I do not know him well (only ran into him one too many times..
    mostly at KLCC). I DESPISE Mahathir…despising someone does not require you know them well,
    hatred does..if I knew him better, then I would HATE HIM….


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