Hypocrisy First, DAP Now @ party election

Pix: Photo for illustrative purpose only and meant as parody; the line-up does not refer to any living or past DAP cadres.

“Over time, the tone and tenor of the [Pakatan] rhetoric mutated and it is beginning to seem as if some of the politicians feel they are where they entitled to be. Some have gone so far as to posture as if they are our only choice. This sense of entitlement is worrying as it is possibly indicative of politics having trumped the underlying cause of change and reform. If this is the case, the line between these politicians and those whom they condemn is less defined than they would have us believe.” — Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

The quote above is excerpted from an article in The Edge titled ‘Alternative Paradigm for Change and Reform (?), which has Malik Imtiaz writing in his usual measured and lawyerly style.

We at Hartal are however more blunt.

What we still see are a lot of Cina Apek in DAP despite its own exhortations to the general public, and its self-avowal that DAP is a political party that it is non-communal.

But see for yourself …

DAP Selangor central committee:

1. Jenice Lee
2. Hannah Yeoh
3. Charles Santiago
4. Teng Chang Khim
5. Ng Suee Lim
6. Ean Yong Hian Wah
7. Gobind Singh
8. Tony Pua
9. Lau Weng San
10. Teo Nie Ching
11. Teresa Kok
12. Tiew Way Keng
13. S Ramakrishnan
14. Lim Soo Hong
15. T. Kannan

Mana dia Si Melayu?

ooo – O – ooo – O – ooo

DAP Perak leadership:

1. Chairman: Ngeh Koo Ham
2. Deputy Chairman: V. Sivakumar
3. Vice Chairman: A. Sivanesan
4. Vice Chairman: M. Kula

5. Secretary:  Nga Kor Ming
6. Assistant Secretary : Ong Boon Piow

7. Treasurer: Lim Pek Har

8. Organising Secretary: Teh Hock Ke
9. Publicity Secretary: Wong Kah Woh
10. Assistant Publicity Secretary: Paul Yong Choo Kiong

11. Director of Political Education: Teh Kok Lim

State Committee:

12. Chen Fook Chye
13. Yew Tian Hoe
14. Leong Mee Meng

Appointed State Committee:

15. Cheah Pou Hian
16. Leong Cheok Keng
17. Alvin Lim Kean Seong

18. Chairman of Medical Bureau : Dr Jaya Balan A/L Valliappan

19. Chairman of Consumer Affairs Bureau : Mat Husin bin Mohd Yosuf

20. Chairman of Electors Registration Bureau:  Tan Boon Peng

21. Chairman of Legal Affairs Bureau: Nga Hock Cheh

22. Chairman of Economic Development Bureau: Yee Seu Kai

23. Chairman of Community Services Bureau: YB. Sum Cheok Leng

Out of 23 offices holders, there is only one Malay chap at the lowly number (19).

ooo – O – ooo – O – ooo

DAP’s screed against communal politics is such a sham when held up against the reality of the freshly minted party line-up.

Has DAP made any real effort to encourage the non-Chinese to join the party to be integrated into future leadership roles and thereby realise the virtues of its own much touted Malaysian Malaysia?

Instead and ironically, DAP since March 8, 2008 has made a drastic about-turn to pander to Malay-Islamic sensibilities (read: Malay-Muslim vote bank) which invariably means, it could well be abandoning its secularist stance.

If there is open election for Pakatan office bearers, where anyone from the three parties can contest against each other, are DAP willing to practice the colour blindness they preach?

Will DAP support PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi who’s truly beyond colour — see how he teams green polka dot tie with blue checked shirt, grey pinstripe jacket and tops off his outre outfit with a snow white turban (only a colour-blind, fashion-challenged bloke will dare step out in such a blasphemous! combination of attire). See our Saturday posting on him.

DAP and Pakatan’s moral high horse that they — unlike BN — do not practise race politics is simply a barrel of hogwash.

But at least we can understand why the ‘Caliph’ heading DAP Penang feels that he has to wear the metaphorical skullcap and jubah, and encourages his girl-reps to wear selendang, yah?

To fish the Malay-Muslim voters lah …

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9 Responses to “Hypocrisy First, DAP Now @ party election”
  1. Maz says:

    Once again, the problem (in my non-green tinted glasses) is that Kebudayaan Melayu
    and Islam have become synonymous. VS Naipaul has written at great length about
    the devoutness of ‘converted’ peoples and Malays ARE converted peoples-you just
    cannot remove 1500 years of Hindu-Buddhist culture from Malay tradition and the
    more purists try, the more it is obvious that traditions (like Bersanding) are Hindu
    and will always remain Hindu with a thin Islamic surface covering. Non-purists
    do not hinder fanatics from their pursuits (though I think most of the time they
    probably should), neither should fanatics dominate the decision-making process
    of non-purists (which they largely do in Islamic societies).

    Now to my point. I do not have a problem, per se, in Teo and others wearing selendang
    or sarung kebaya or the like because these are emblematic (in my mind) of Malay
    culture and are healthy things in and of themselves. I would not have a problem either
    with DAP members wearing tudungs or chadors, for that matter, if they happen to be Muslims.

    Ironically, many (most ?) of the DAP CC members are Nyonyas (Peranakan) who are
    descended from Straits Chinese immigrants who incorporated aspects of Malay culture
    into their own societies and traditions. I think this racist pendatang crap is the opposite of
    where Malaysia should be heading. I WOULD like to see Peranakan Chinese in Malaysia
    rejoice in their MALAY cultural attributes and I would like to see Malays extol their
    Hindu-Buddhist traditions that inform the Malay version of Islam (and always will,
    Arabicised purists in Malaysia notwithstanding). DAP members acting out genuine
    familiar traditions is healthy; politicising them for personal or collective gain is not
    (and of course the same would apply to any party in Malaysia).

    It is the POLITICISING of Islamic dress and Islamic posturing (vis-a-vis LGE),
    as well as the UMNO-BN tradition of “ANG-POWING” the Chinese community
    during election time (and ignoring them very soon after) that I abhor; equally so,
    with how the Indian community is treated politically and socially.

    When a Malaysian Chinese of Nyonya ancestry dons a selendang, it is
    wonderful when done sincerely and introspectively; likewise, when a Malay
    person is not self-conscious or acutely compulsive about every single
    aspect of Islam that is not ‘pure’ and might need refinement. Since there is
    a visible and important Indian Christian communtiy in Malaysia, you already have
    a subculture that comprises multiple elements of ancestral Indian traditions
    with Western Christian dogmas.

    The divide-and-conquer politics of the ruling establishment (post-indepedence)
    simply extended aspects of the colonial period under the British and subsequently
    enforced a racial and economic caste system which has exacerbated the constant
    cynical political manipulation of Malaysian citizens. THIS MUST END AND MUST END
    NOW. A return to a graceful and genuine multicultural exchange in Malaysia
    without damaging and cynical political trappings will, and could only be, healthy for
    Malaysia, but alas I fear it may be too late…..

  2. FenceSitter says:

    Perhaps you could break down the percentage of the various races that make up dap. If bumis make up a very low percentage then that will directly reflect on the low head count in the leadership. For that you will have to thank bn and msm for their propaganda. They have successfully convinced the bumis that dap is a essentially a racist chinese party and stay away from it.


    Hartal MSM: Aiyoh. DAP has enough essentially fascist party supporters, who are doing a good job by themselves showing their true face to the ‘bumis’, without any need of further convincing by the MSM. Just read Malaysiakini readers’ comments.

  3. Maz says:

    “I nearly cried, says Yen Yen of accusations..”


    (Just a reminder that corruption and hypocrisy isn’t limited to DAP.
    DAP might be thoroughly disingenuous but hey at least they whine
    somewhat less than UMNO and MCA).

  4. Maz says:

    I would differentiate “racist” from “chauvanistic”. Perkasa is racist. UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS
    and DAP are chauvanistic. Racists do not elicit the support of the object of their derision
    and hatred to advance their goals-they completely exclude them; chauvanists, on the other
    hand, cynically use those they ostensibly oppose to further their aims. Perkasa opposes full
    equal participation of non-Malays in Malaysian society (as I see it) and thus qualifies as
    a racist organisation; DAP (and other parties of varying ideologies and demographic
    compositions) makes use of their own dominant cultural norms, AS WELL AS other ethnic,
    socioeconomic and political groups, to further their goals often at the expense of the
    manipulated relative to the manipulator, and therefore qualifies as a (Chinese-based
    and Chinese-centred) chauvanistic party.

  5. Mahuhari says:

    I would not go so far as to attribute total blame on the current sad state of racial demographics in the DAP on the party itself. The party has tried to break out of the “Cina apek” mould (as you put it), but to no avail. The political environment just do not permit it.

    I remember there was once a Malay-Malaysian DAP ADUN (can’t remember his name). He was subjected to incessant harangue by the ADUNs of the party that espoused “Ketuanan Melayu”. Invectives such as “kuda kayu” (“running dog”) were hurled at him on an almost daily basis during State Assembly sittings. All of us are humans after all. How much insults can one put up with? Thereafter, who can blame a Malay-Malaysian for avoiding the DAP like the plague.


    Hartal MSM: Interesting that you should bring up “All of us are humans after all. How much insults can one put up with?” Well, let’s see how much thuggish abuse the DAP cybertrooper Ah Hoe can spew against Hartal MSM before he chokes on his own bile.

    But cheer up, friend. After the Caliph wannabe converts to Islam, DAP can embark on a Malay recruitment drive. But if designing the new party uniform of turban and jubah, hopefully DAP will have more colour-sense than their Pakatan compatriot Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi.

    • Mahuhari says:

      Though you have deigned me with a reply with each and every of my postings, I am not your friend, only a commentator. Touche!
      So be it – shar101.

  6. Maz says:

    This Ah Hoe fellow really needs a good mouth washing with
    some soap and a stiff rattan strapping on the tuchas.
    Lest I be perceived as defending DAP, I am not so
    sure his braying at the moon is as much support for
    DAP as whining like a little boy at a well-deserved emasculation
    by Helen.

  7. Dr. Pang HC says:

    I keep on coming across Hartal MSM’s harping on Guan Eng’s supposedly Caliph-wannabe antics.

    Why don’t you instead demonstrate some professionalism and exhibit solid evidence that Guan Eng and DAP by extension are a worse government that BN was and could ever be?


    Hartal MSM: Hullo friend! This posting (scroll up and reread all the content above) is about the grand hypocrisy of the party pontificating on its multiracial (sham) when you can see that out of 34 office bearer names, there is only one Malay.

    The onus is not on us to prove that DAP-partnering-PAS will be worse tyrants in Putrajaya although all the signs are pointing to that DAP will be more docile lapdogs to PAS than MCA have been to Umno.

    Instead the onus is on Pakatan to convince the rakyat that they can be a better government than BN. Looking at them (PKR national election fiasco, DAP state election in Perak) how many people are convinced except the Anwaristas and DAP diehards?

  8. Maz says:

    “….DAP will be more docile lapdogs to PAS than MCA have been to Umno…”

    Not much difference really in the long run….DAP and MCA are both ‘Dhimmi’
    parties (I refer to the leadership and not citizens who may vote for them).
    I am afraid though MCA member CSL pretty much just likes to “lap”…

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