Interlok: Ya lor, DAP pun nampak pada Melayu saja

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Thanks Greg Lopez for your comment on our posting Interlok: Could Ridhuan Tee be right after all?

Our view is that DAP is just like Ridhuan in the way the party top leadership and certain segments of its second echelon are obsessed with the Malays and neglecting the minorities.

Malaysiakini carried this report — ‘Interlok: ‘Do Chinese sell their daughters?‘ — as early as Jan 30. The article said:

In a bit to pry a response from the largely silent Chinese over the selection of Malay novel ‘Interlok’ as required Form Five study material, a coalition of Indian NGOs pointed to a paragraph they claimed degrades the community as well.

Because DAP is so obsessively Malaysian First, when Indians cry out, the party pekakkan telinga. Because DAP is so obsessively Malaysian First, when Chinese are called swindlers and practically equated to money whores, DAP buat tak tahu.

DAP’s Malaysian First is Malay centric.

The Malaysiakini Jan 30 article quoted the National Interlok Action Team (Niat) as asking MCA — since the party represented the Chinese — whether it agreed that Chinese sell their daughters.

(Pix: Niat chairman Tasleem Mohamed Bin Ibrahim)

Niat also questioned the general Chinese silence over the matter. The movement represents about 150 Indian NGOs, and they had tried to draw Chinese attention to Interlok but to no avail.

Kenapa MCA tidur? Why are the DAP Chinese so obsessed with sucking up to Malays that they refuse to give Indians the time of day?

Caliph Umar Lim Abdul Aziz


We’ve read the link Greg Lopez provided referring to

‘Zairil, the first Malay political secretary to a DAP secretary-general, is the son of the late former Umno strongman Mohd Khir Johari who served as education minister under three prime ministers including the late Tunku Abdul Rahman.’

Zairil is Lim Guan Eng’s new aide.

Greg also commented in Hartal: “How do we build mutual respect among the races?”

Our response: Stop the Hypocrisy first. Really, who can respect a munafik?

Before we explain, just for the record – a quick statement on our position.

Zairil is a bright, young spark armed with political pedigree. Good that he’s joined DAP.

On his elevation to becoming Lim’s aide a mere four months after joining the party, excellent! Despite the more-than-obvious fast tracking, we hope Zairil does well on the job and are optimistic that he can contribute with passion and sincerity.

While we have no issues with Zairil’s upward and speedy career trajectory, DAP’s hypocrisy still needs to be pointed out.

Hypocrisy First, semua Melayu now!

DAP has been touting its ‘Malaysian First’ slogan ad nauseum.

Yet a number of the press reports yesterday heralding Zairil’s appointment carried the tag ‘Malay’ (political-secretary/aide, etc) in their headlines, including Malaysiakini’s ‘KM Pulau Pinang lantik setiausaha politik Melayu’.

The media unanimously highlighted ‘Malay’ as the newsmaking factor.

DAP has been posturing so very loudly since March 8, 2008 that it rejects any identification by race. So then, why did the party trot out Zairil for the publicity of Guan Eng’s Kodak moment, at the same time taking great pains to point out that he’s Malay.

Since DAP is so very Malaysian First, it could have simply introduced Zairil as a talented and articulate Malaysian, someone from the next generation injecting the much desired new blood.

DAP could have introduced Zairil as simply as a new staff (cum party member) who’s an asset.

But we all know, don’t we, that if the new staff had been a Chinese man or woman of identical merit, DAP would never have bothered to call the press conference. Any young aide (who’s Chinese) would have just assumed his job without any fanfare.

Actually, we have no issues even with Zairil being trotted out as a Malay (or whatever race label he/anyone else personally might wear).

However, the rank hypocrisy is that DAP has been trying to throttle other Malaysians – from the rival camp – when those individuals allude to their own ethnicity, such as Muhyiddin Yassin who was the subject of relentless attacks by DAP for his statement that he views himself as a Malay.

DAP is no different from Umno or MCA for playing the race card. DAP even goes one up by playing the Islam religious card.

The only difference is that at least the BN components are upfront about their communalism, compared to DAP being thoroughly hypocritical about its own.


4 Responses to “Interlok: Ya lor, DAP pun nampak pada Melayu saja”
  1. vinnan says:

    Interlok was purposely chosen by you UMNO racist goons to bait the Indians and Chinese into responding strongly. Then UMNO gets to play the great Malay ‘Ketuanan’ hero by slapping around all those who oppose the Interlok decision. Unlike some stupid Anehs who jump like monkeys and put on an Indian drama over this Interlok issue the Chinese led by the DAP knows it is better to save the best for the polls. Moreover, I wonder if some of these Anehs are really against Interlok. My feeling is that they are part of the UMNO Malay ‘Ketuanan’ show. You see the Chinese was taught a very bitter lesson in the Kg Buah Pala issue by some of these Anehs. Moreover, the Indians have started voting BN again so what is there for these Anehs to be upset about Interlok. The Indians will never see who their true enemies are and as a whole they deserve another 50 years of UMNO jabbing.

    • infansolaris says:

      For the life of me I don’t see how “Aneh'” ‘monkeys and dramatists’ who are against Interlok can be part of the ‘Ketuanan show’ when Interlok is all about Ketuanan. Nor do I see any semblance of logic in the supposition that the Chinese were the ones taught ‘a very bitter lesson’ in KBP when its was an entire “Aneh” community which was illegally and ruthlessly displaced there. The presumption that the Chinese (led by DAP) will show their displeasure with Interlok by voting for DAP (obviously) instead of protesting against the book is obtusely gratuitous but these Chinese do not represent the entire Malaysian Chinese community which is as politically fragmented as the Indian community. Many will still sway to Gerakan and MCA. So, the presuppositional and delusionary idea of the Chinese being the ones to save our asses from UMNO/BN is also another myth. Some people should really think things through before expressing their incoherent thoughts. The same people should also attempt to address their identity crisis and stop signing off in Indian sounding anonym’s instead of their actual 3 segment oriental names.


      Hartal MSM: Hahaha. Do you have a certain Guan Eng cybertrooper called Ah Hoe in mind?

      • infansolaris says:

        Yes, Guan Eng’s mongrel does come to mind now but I was too surprised by his sudden affinity for Indianness to make the connection. You may be right but Guan Eng should have more sense than to have a confused pariah dog with an identity crisis as his attack dog. It might take to attacking unsuspecting Chinese DAP members if its not put down soon:-)

  2. temenggong says:

    Vinnan, if you will switch on the light you’ll see that this is about a book containing racial slurs against all non Malays. It is not too hard to figure out that this book has nothing to do with the electorate’s voting patterns.

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